Not gunna lie, I been on here before writing fantasy stories and whatnot.
I need your help this time.
I have a fantasy to watch my wife fuck another guy in front of me. She has ALWAYS told me no, but this time was different. She made a deal with me.
She said if I could convince her of the perfect reason why I want her to fuck someone else, she would do it for me.
So I need everyone's HELP.

What do I tell her is the perfect reason why I want to see her fuck another guy??

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  • Tell her that this is SUPPOSED to be. Like many guys, you have this deep-seated NEED for this to happen. You know this because Nature is preparing you for this. The arousal you experience from the fantasy has taught and convinced you that you are SUPPOSED to step aside as a well-endowed, sexually virile male possesses her in places and ways he never will.

    You need to see this to help you accept your beta role and thereby mature in your own sexuality. You have had this deep-seated need long enough to know that this fetish and need CANNOT be resolved without this happening.

    Reply if you need more encouragement.

  • A cool grand, in cash, ought to do the trick.

  • Just tell her that you’re a beta male and it’s in your nature to watch an alpha fuck. The great thing it’s not excuse. Watching someone else fuck your wife is probably the most data male thing.

  • Tell her you love cock.

  • Tell her you love her

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