Conservatives are all Attention Seekers

Conservatives piss me off so much mainly because they come on here to spew their bullshit because they are so desperate for Attention.

Get your facts straight before spewing your stupidity here because All Politicians are Rich so it doesn’t matter who we vote for the last guy was too incompetent and clearly unfit to be President and he’s also a Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic Fat Fuck.

Yes there is Systemic Racism you dumbass, Black People in this country get treated unfairly all the time but that’s no big deal to a racist, attention seeking moron like you who’s never going to get laid and you spend your days on this site spewing lies and bullshit because you just want attention.

I bet you are the same moron talking shit about Farmer’s Aid. Hey dumbass it’s those farmers who provide food to this Country how about you shut the fuck up about them or are you so out of touch with reality and so lonely and desperate for attention that you don’t care what you say? A dumbass like you needs to be punched in the face.

I bet you are also the same Attention Wanting Moron that wrote the dumbass Butthurt Confession? Well here’s the thing you’re dumbass never got a belt taken to your dumbass growing up and if you know what being butthurt feels like, how about someone take a leather belt and whip your ass with it over and over again and you’ll be crying like the Bitch that you are.

Conservatives are all over Social Media to spew racist and hate filled agendas and shit because they are desperate for attention because all of you Dumbass White Trash Conservatives are all nothing but Attention Seeking Losers.

1 month ago


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    • Women didn't even have the right to vote until 1920. They couldn't own a credit card until 1970, and they couldn't attend some Ivy League schools until almost 1980. And women couldn't get health insurance at the same cost as men until fucking 2010.

      So spare me the poor black bullshit sob stories. If anyone has a right to be pissed off about RACISM. It's women!!!

    • That’s cuz women are even more retarded than Black people

    • Says the person who cannot spell "because" correctly.

    • It's not a misspelling; it's a common accepted contraction, part of the patois of my people, and your rejecting it is RACIST.

    • Typically liberal. When you're ignorant ass is caught being stupid, deflect by calling them racist. Fucking retard!!

    • I’ve fucked lots of married conservative men in the ass over the years. Pick them up at gay bars in DC, take them to their hotels and make their asses sore. They act oh so pious and uppity in public but are whores in bed. Some of them cry when we are done, it’s pathetic.

    • I'll take things that never happened for 100, Alex

    • I believe him. I'm a married guy, love pussy, vote republican, and I love sucking dick and I love getting fucked in the ass.

    • Wow you are fucking retarded. I'll say this about lib girls, though, they're all sluts, and I very much enjoy fucking them randomly. And if they get pregnant they about the shit outta that baby. Otherwise they're just as annoying and clueless as you are.

    • I assume you meant to write "abort" not "about" but yes, they do, which should be illegal for White girls.

    • What do you mean "Conservatives are all Attention Seekers"?
      It's been the liberals who have cried nonstop to anyone and everyone who would listen about how much they hated Trump. To the point where they would not even give the guy a chance.
      Liberals were literally crying in the streets several times during Trump's administration.
      I'm neither right nor left on the political scale. I believe everyone should be given a chance to do good for this country until proven otherwise, but damn. The people on the left were just relentlessly from day one. So much that even I got sick of people saying stupid shit.
      Now, can we get back to the fuck talk, which is why this website exists in the first place.

    • You think you can whip my ass, bring bitch. Let's see you put your money where your mouth is. Because obviously you're not smart enough to understand the stupid shit you jus typed.

      For starters, you talk about fact checking, yet you provide ZERO evidence for the shit you just spewed. You call Trump a Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic Fat Fuck, yet you fail to realize that Trump had more black individuals on his cabinet than even Obama did. Hmm, sounds like a real racist POS doesn't he? NOT.
      Trump also had more women on his cabinet, but I'm guessing you didn't know those facts because you only listen to what the liberal media wants you to think. Fucking retarded, wake up you stupid fuck, and do some actual research, instead of accusing everyone else of not fact checking.

      As for systemic racism. PLEASE give me an example of systemic racism, because I'm not seeing it. All I see is a bunch of retarded white liberals who are ashamed of who they are, and again, listening to stupid bullshit that others tell them, instead of checking for yourself. So please give me an example, because I noticed you sure in the fuck didn't provide one in your ignorant ass post.

      Ass for farmers, there again, if you actually lived in the real world, instead of up someone's ass, you would see that there is no such thing as a poor farmer. You liberals hate corporate America so much, yet you're too stupid to see the American farmers ARE CORPORATE AMERICAN. The dumb fucking people like you have given them so much money, they went out and bought up all the farm land and turned into corporations. You'd know that if you actually FACT CHECK.

      So, where as my post is filled with examples that anyone with half a brain can research and find to be true, your post is filled with nothing but empty political talking points from people like Biden. So take your butthurt out of here now, and actually do so fucking research, you fucking retard.

    • You piece of shit Covid infected white trash moron idiot.

    • Oh, looks like another butthurt liberal who doesn't know how to handle debate with someone who has facts. Better fallback on your talking points from the Democrats. Call them a racist, homophobic, xenophobic. Eventhough you have no supporting evidence. LMFAO. Losers!!!!

    • Spoken like the classy leftist you are.

    • Agreed show me some systemic racism in blacks. You can easily see racism with the Jews as they are the butt of a lot of jokes still today. What happened to the black people more then 150 years ago ain't nothing that happened to the jews 75 years ago! Germany is still prosecuting SS guards for what they did to the jews now.
      Point is you don't see the Jews going crazy and complaining about the past.

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