Exposing to the city

My wife and I live in San Antonio, Texas at the Pearl. Our apartment is four stories up and faces a very highly traveled and touristy area. Many people on foot and in cars at all times. Anyway, I noticed when I drove up and looked up that I could see into our bedroom very well by the way the shades were angled. When I got to the bedroom, I saw how the shades look closed but we’re pointing down, giving anyone looking up a full view in. I closed them pointing up to fix it. Then, I got a very perverse idea. I’d flip them down and have my wife undress to give everyone below a view of her naked. I was nervous, but I flipped them. She was still at work and texted me to run and pick up something. I left the house and walked to the store. She texted me as I walked back that she was home. I was approaching the building and I looked up. Our bedroom light was off. I sat on a concrete wall across the street and waited nervously to see what would happen. The light came on. I could see my wife walk in and clear across the room. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I was very nervous now, no going back or changing what was going to happen. The bathroom door opened and she walked out in panties and her blouse. She walked to the mirror and took off her blouse and bra. I was shocked, still and nervous seeing her naked tits from across the street with hundreds of people walking and driving by. She stood there, felt her tits, have a little twirl to check out her butt. These are her private moments, on full public display. I was too nervous to look around and see if anyone else was watching. She walked to the dresser, back to the window her bare back and small panties wedgied in her ass, she put on a t shirt and walked out turning off the bedroom light. I got up, hard as a rock, went in the building and there she was on the sofa. So sexy. I open it often, and have even had sex with her with the lights on to give a good view. When she showers at night sometimes, I adjust the shades, walk outside and sit to watch her competley naked publicly exposed. Turns me on so much.

2 months ago

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