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I want to confess that when i was 10 i accidently watched first porn video but at that time i was not a that type of guy so i stopped it but as i turne 15 i started watching porn once a week and masturbated also. As i am 16 now i watch porn daily and masturbate a loooooot. but i want to stop this. and i want to confess it before i stop it. so today i confessed it. i also see every girl now by bad means even my sister. god plz forgive me for that. plz helppp

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  • You can't stop. Sure -- you can purge the videos, delete the files and urls and empty the trash. But people who do these ritual purges ALWAYS return to them. You're going to do the same. It's inevitable. You need to accept and admit this.

  • Nothing to forgive

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