I want to dress up in full drag and hook up with a black stranger

I don't know how else to explain it, but I feel like I have a whore living inside me desperate to come out and do something wild. I've been dressing when I can for about 5 years now, but I've never been able to go all out. My wife and I are planning a week long trip to New Orleans so I can be out and pampered for a whole week. I'm so horny thinking about it. I want to get a wax, then my hair and makeup done to make me a fabulous, puffy-lipped slut. All the right forms to get my belly in, boobs out. Slide on a skimpy thong formed to hold my cock in (for now hehe). Throw on a cute outfit with some wedges and head to the nail salon. OMG I have always wanted my nails done. I'm obsessed with the long acrylic nails pornstars wear. I want that sexy power at my fingertips. I'm thinking a dark color to show I mean business. Then smoothie at the cafe followed by some shopping (mainly so I can show off my fresh mani/pedi to other women). Back to the room to freshen up and get ready for the evening...

I’m going full slut for my evening look. Fierce eyes with long, fake lashes, deep red lipstick with some plumper to make my naturally full lips as juicy as can be. Flashy dress that shows more skin than it hides, high heels, and all sorts of trashy jewelry all over. I want to send one message when I walk into that club: I want to fuck TONIGHT. Condoms in my purse, I walk into the club ready to dance and get tipsy. I’ve always had a thing for black guys. They’re the only men I’m attracted to. I’m going to sit by the bar until I meet a sharp looking black stud to flirt with and hopefully get some drinks out of. I won’t be acting out the role of an easy hoe looking for some dick; those will be my honest intentions and I won’t be shy about it. With any luck, he’ll ask me to dance, so I can grind my natural bubble booty all over him and feel that long, thick bulge hardening his jeans. As soon as he whispers those words in my ear, we’ll be out the door holding hands with no shame.

I’ll be teasing him the whole way back to his place, running my fingers all over him, whispering naughty things in his ear, feeling the growing hardness in his pants. I want him to be ready to ravage me once we get there. I will have one goal that night: to make him cum over and over again. I’ll wrap my juicy lips around his cock, ride him, let him plow me from the front with my heels up in the air, and finally let him fuck me from behind while squeezing and spanking my thick booty till he explodes. It will be a long night of lust and debauchery, and I expect to be sore all over by the time we’re done. I won’t bother exchanging phone numbers when I leave; I’ll just find another guy next time.

Does anyone have any advice on what to expect? I’ve trained with a dildo, so I know I can take an above average sized cock with pleasure. My wife and I have discussed an openness toward each of us messing with members of the same sex, but we haven’t returned to the subject in awhile. I’ve had this fantasy for years, and it doesn’t seem like it will ever go away. What should I do? My inner whore is getting very hungry…

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  • Your thoughts are really hot you are a real whore i want to be with you and lick that cum clean from you

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