Made bet I knew I'd lose

I started smoking pot when I was 16. My friends and I hung out with a 21 year old guy, he had a car and always had pot. One day it was just me and him up in his room at his parent's house smoking pot, no one else in the house, and I was horny as fuck. I was 16, I was always horny as fuck, especially when I smoked pot...anyway...I had come up with a plan probably 6 months earlier but was always too chicken to go through with it...but today was the day, I finally have the nerve. I said "I bet I got a bigger dick than you". He laughed. He's 6'4", thin but a pretty muscular dude and I was 5'9" and barely 120 lbs. He laughed and I doubled down "Seriously. I got a bigger dick than you. If I don't, I'll suck you off. That's how confident I am." Well, we went back and forth "Bullshit!", "No, really", then finally "If I'm bigger, you'll suck it?", "Yep", "You have to really suck it, not just put your lips on it for a few seconds!", I said "If you're bigger than me, I'll suck you to completion, but I'm confident I won't have to". We dropped our pants and, oops, I guess I'm not as big as I believed I was.

This dick was nicer than I had imagined, it was huge. It was even big limp! 9 fucking inches hard! 9 THICK, hard inches, he had a ruler on his desk. I could barely get little more than the head in my mouth comfortably but I kept deeping as much as I could, never even got halfway down it, then I'd come up for air and slap that sloppy wet, spit covered meat pipe against my cheek a few times and stroke it while I caught my breath. I licked it and ran my lips up and down the length of that pole a few times before trying to choke myself again. I sucked and stroked his dick until he shot several ribbons of thick cum all over my face and in my hair. He started in my mouth, but I gagged and pulled my mouth off it.

He wouldn't suck my dick, he said "I'm not a faggot". He said he wasn't a faggot but he repeatedly threatened to tell everyone I was a faggot unless I kept sucking his dick on a regular basis. I was more than happy with that arrangement.

I don't like that he fucked my girl. But I got over it. Eventually lol

Now that I'm older I'm happy she was able to experience at least one big dick. And that was a nice one. I'd let my wife ride it if we knew where to find him. I couldn't find him on Facebook. Maybe he'll see this. Who knows.

3 months ago

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    • I hate I have to admit that I go to the restroom at the truck stops and look over to see you the other guy stick this pissing in the ground was on me and got caught looking at the guy's dick and he turned to me any second at me he said what you want this and ended up sucking him off and install and you got caught right a couple of other guys who wanted their dick suck too so I ended up sucking on three dicks at the truck stop and wish it would happen again

    • Sense this no makes any seconds no firsts engage stalls urinals caught peering and queering pissing in the floor wrong door whore happenstance no pants

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