Wife Gabby

Well my wife Gabriel (Gabby to all of our friends ) is a doll at 5 ft even weight 97 pounds and long Brown hair to her mid back #4 C-cup breasts that has cross eyed nipples each pointed inwards and child bearing hips what turns men's heads when she dresses up.
I have often wondered what she would look like with another man and although I felt guilty think of it I was not worried about loosing her because she is also my very best friend.
We have talked about it and even watched some clips of wives being shared and she agreed that it was hot but she wouldn't agree to do it. but we never did fight about my desire.
Jess is a guy I work with and he has become a friend lately after his wife left him and he hangs around with us mostly and he has even slept over a few times when he drinks to much .
He and Gabby flirt teasingly joking about sex and I think once when we were planting Roses that he got a few good looks down her blouse when she would stoop down to stick the plant in the ground.
Gabby has a taste for brandy and coke and one evening we were talking and watching news we all had been drinking that afternoon .
I was feeling no pain and Gabby was pretty drunk but still able to move around she had removed her bra because it was to hot and her blouse was partially open so when she would bend over her breasts were clearly visible.
I caught him watching her and I asked him if he wanted to fuck her while she went potty and he was surprised but agreed if I was sure of it and I told him I wasn't positive but I thought we could do it so I put on a clip where a wife was sucking a guys cock and I told him to get his cock out and start jacking off and I did the same.
When Gabby came back in and saw us both jacking off she started laughing asking what are you guys doing for Christ's sake.
Still laughing but she was also watching us so I patted the couch between us and said we have been waiting for you to give us a hand hon and she was still laughing but she shook her head no so I began to tease her trying to get her over by me and she finally gave in standing in front of us watching us jack off and Jess has a very well formed cock with a strong upward bend and a huge head on his cock it was all swelled up and Gabby was watching him stroke slowly her face a bright red but I saw her tongue flick out moistening her lips and when I took her hand she let me pull her onto the couch beside of us and I whispered we could use a little help baby and she cleared her throat and said just an hand Job ????

I said if that s all you will give and she reached over taking my cock in her hand and I asked what about Jess and she gave me measured look hen she reached over taking his cock in her other hand I could hear her horse breathing now as she was turning back nd forth watching her hands jsck us off and she asked will you cum this way and my throat was tight now si I just grunted in response but Jess asked if he could see her breasts abd U unbuttoned her blouse and it fell open and we each took one of her tits and began to maul them and Gaby was breathing faster
Jess leaned over and aid his left hand on her thigh and Gabby tightened up at first but in a few seconds she relaxed ad parted her legs for his enjoyment and he started to finger fuck her Gabby began to breath harder and her body began to respond to him her hands were just holding our cocks now as she closed her eyes grunting as her body shook with her orgasm but Gabby loves sex and can cum multiple times I said get in front of Jess and let him watch you jack him off .

She whimpered and quickly got on her knees with her blouse open and started to stroke him wildly until I could see that his cock head was dry but Jess was still trying to fuck her hand and I said spit some saliva in his cock head and she leaned over opening her mouth and I watched a glob of her saliva coat his cock head and Jess grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth onto his cock and he began to roughly fuck her mouth.
I watched as Gabby tried to push herself away but Jess held her there as he frantically pulled her head up and down on his cock then Gabby made a sound like gwalk and she gagged then she was trying to get away but Jess sat there on the couch his body convulsed in spastic jerks as he came and Gabby was swallowing in huge gulps now. and I could see her throat work as she swallowed his load and then I was cummings to all over my hands and legs.
Afterwards we were all gasping for breath and I was not at all sure how she was going to react now but as soon as she began to breath normally she said you could have warned me that you were going to cum Jess then she took his cock and milked out another bubble and licked his cock clean.
Jess stayed over that night and I watched them fuck and Jess moved in with us for a couple months and we shared her until he and his wife got back together again.


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  • That's hot. I can just imagine your wife, "Oh Jess, I love your big cock, fuck me Jess, I can't believe how good you feel, harder Jess!!"

  • Wife Lynn and I went to a pool party. About half the ladies were topless. So was Lynn. I though WTF when in Rome do as the Romans, She was by far the hottest, all eyes on her. Pretty big 20x40 backyard pool. I was in the shallow end spying on Lynn in the deep end. She's chummy with a jock in his early 20's. We're late 30's. They're like hanging on to the diving board, she has this 'would I' look going. I find a pair of goggles -- the water is crystal clear. Her bikini bottom is on the bottom of the pool, she's naked. and Jocko has his finger in her pussy. I yell down, Lynn, lets get going. Jocko plunges and retrieves her bottom and helps her put it back on. They think I'm none the wiser. Errr.
    About a week later she says 'you how I like to misbehave and do dumb crazy naughty stuff, like when I showed my pussy to the guy who was eyeballing me at the fancy restaurant. 'At the pool party Bill was rubbing my pussy by the board, I'm like WTF -- this is crazy but I like crazy. Next thing I know my bottom is off and he has his finger in my pussy. I'm like OK, I didn't stop him right away because I loved how fucked up this is. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it and I wasn't flattered, My bad. Sorry.'

  • Is she still fucking him?

  • Not since Sharon came back.

  • I've been secretly fucking Sharon for almost three years.

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