50 year anniversary

On Oct 28 my wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary, what she doesn't know is that for most of them I have been a panty wearing cocksucker. Growing up I always had an attraction to panties, I use to take my sister's panties and wear them to school sometimes, or out to play, this continued into adulthood and when I got my first apartment I ordered some from the Sears catalog. I met my wife and thought my panty wearing days were over, but I did keep my panties hidden. We got married and bought a house, out back of the house was a small building that I turned into my work shop, and I kept my panties and porn mags out there. about 5 months into our marriage, it was early February, my wife went to visit her mother who had fell and sprained her wrist, so I would be alone for a few weeks. The first Saturday I was alone I went to my work shop, put on a pair of panties, pulled out a magazine, showing a girl sucking cock and started to masturbate I had kept the door open and was laying on an old couch that was in there facing away from the door. I started with rubbing my cock through the panties and getting ready to pull it out and start jerking when I heard a voice, my neighbor, Frank. He was a Widower of 59, retired who mainly liked to work in his yard on his garden. "Looking at the way you are dressed I would say you want to be the giving in that picture." I jumped up, but my clothes were on the other side of the workshop and I just stood there in a pair of white cotton panties with a wet spot of pre cum on them. "It's ok, I won't tell your wife and I will let you live out your fantasy," he went on closing the door, "come here faggot and suck my cock." I didn't know what to do and just stood frozen, he told me if I don't kneel down in front of him and suck his cock he will not only tell my wife, but the whole neighborhood. My wife may have forgiven me, but if the whole neighborhood knew we would have to move, so I slowly walked to him knelt down and waited for me to take out his cock. "What are you waiting for faggot, un do my pants and start sucking."
I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to suck his cock, I told him, "I don't want to suck cock, I just like the way panties feel when I wear them." his reply was just "Suck my cock faggot."
I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants, pulling down the zipper, he was hard and huge, I put it in my mouth and started to suck on it and play with the head of it the way I liked when girls did that to me, and I couldn't believe it, I was enjoying sucking a cock. He came in my mouth and I swallowed his load down, chocking on it a little.
He did up his pants and turned to leave saying. "Hope you liked it, because that won't be the last time you suck my cock faggot."
I was rock hard in my panties and as I started to rub them, the precum spot was much larger, I came almost at the first touch.
After that first time he would have me come over, wearing panties, and suck him off, he even invited his friends over and "let" me suck their cocks as well. I always fucked my wife after a cock sucking session, it was hard not to cum to fast, but she enjoyed how hard I was.
As years went on new guys joined the circle of men I would suck off, old guys left, My wife and I had 2 daughters who are grown and married now. The day after my oldest daughter's wedding I was on my knees sucking a group of men off when one said, "I hope for you son in law's sake your daughter is as good of a cocksucker as her faggot father is." I blushed as they laughed and thought, "hopefully for him she does take after me and not her mother." My wife never liked to suck cock and was never good at it.
I enjoy my roll as a cocksucker and just hope my wife doesn't ever find out, I don't think she would want to stay married to a "faggot cocksucker"

3 months ago


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    • My wife knew that I was bisexual when we got married but after we were married I stopped being with other men. She would ask me questions about what I did with guys and I was honest with her and told her everything that I had done she kept bringing it up when we were having sex until one night she finally said that she wanted to watch me with a guy to see what it's like. I called up a guy that I knew and asked him if he would be interested in having sex with me while my wife was there watching of course he jumped it the idea. We all went into the bedroom and I put on the best show for her sucking his cock and deep throating him I licked him all over then I got on my knees and he took me from behind I was in haven because it had been a while since I was ass fucked . Then he turned me over and had my legs up over his shoulders and he was fucking me hard I was moaning like a bitch and my wife had the biggest smile on her face. After about 20 minutes of him fucking me I had a hands free orgasm and I shot cum all over my chest and face then he started to cum inside of my ass. After he had left my wife said that I had an orgasm like a woman and that she didn't know that a man could cum like that. After that night we started an open marriage and we both enjoy having sex with other men it been a great relationship and we have a lot of fun Experimenting together.

    • Tell your wife you have a secret panty fetish. She's not gonna divorce you and will like all the horniness

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