Part 2

So when im horny ill do anything. Everything seems hot when im horny from incest to sucking dick. So as im already swapping my friends cum with my girl i stay hard. It was all so hot. Bfor my friend can do anything i stop kissing my girl and put my mouth on his still mostly hard cock. Ive never sucked cock bfor but it felt rite at the time. My oldlady jumps in with me and we r taking turns slobbing all over his massive dick. I loved it. I took his cock and rubbed it all over my face. I dont kno if he liked a guy sucking it or it was a show of dominance or what but he grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat. I seriously think he was in my stomach. He just kept pumping my throat while i gagged. My girl said it was so hot. She said i was his bitch. That made me almost cum. I told her to kiss him while he stretched my throat. She told me she wanted me to let him fuck me. I couldnt object i was too turned on. I had never taken a dick and he was very big so i was concerned. I layed back on the bed. She stroked up both off. I told her i was ready. She spit on his cock and he spit on my ass. I rubbed it in and fingered my ass a little bit. With one arm around my thighs and the other holding his big twitching cock he guided it to my ass. Slowly he put the head in and lightly pumped. I felt like i was gonna tear but couldnt stop. Every few min he slid it in another few inches just barely pulling it in n out. It felt like he was in my ribs already and it hurt so bad but i was so turned on. With about 4 inches to go i just said put it in. He said i dont think itll fit. I reached up n pulled him toward me and kissed him and said force it. He stuck tongue in my mouth and rammed it the rest of the way in. My girl was just sitting back rubbing herself enjoying the show. It felt so good thinking i had another mans dick inside me. We just kissed passionately as he fucked me gently. Being the horndog that i am i started talking dirty. My inner gay must have come out bcuz i told him fuck me daddy. Call me a pussy. Call me a bitch. He must have liked it bcuz he started pounding my ass. I had tears in my eyes but it felt so good. He said i always knew u were a little faggot. I said im ur little faggot daddy. He pushed my feet over my head and started beating my guts out. I blew all over myself immeadiately. He said he was gonna cum soon too and asked where to go. I whispered in his ear, cum inside me, fill ur little sissy up. He slammed it in as far as he could and just started spraying his load all over my beat up guts. Neither one of us is with that girl now but the 3 of us get together from time to time to play

10 months ago

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