Wife is getting there with requests to become hotwife

It was no surprise to my wife when we married that my fantasy is to watch her fuck another guy. I told her right away, and she told me "never gunna happen". I respect her wishes and have never pushed her, but she did allow me to talk dirty in the bedroom. For several years now, I have talked dirty with scenarios of her fucking someone else. She's not really a talker during sex, but I can get an occasional yes or no answer out of her. For sometime now I have suspected that she likes the idea of fucking another guy. My guess is she just isn't sure I wouldn't be mad afterward. But the increased excitement and more intense orgasms during the times when I'm talking dirty, suggest she does think about it.

My wife and I normally have a healthy sex life. At least once a week, sometimes twice a week. I know, most people on here claim to have sex 2 or 3 times day, but this story is real, so no bullshit here. And considering my wife and I been married for 14 years and we are late 40's, once a twice a week is still pretty good. But here the last month has been very hectic for us both. Lots of personal things going on and we have both been to tired for sex. We hadn't had sex in almost 3 weeks. So last night my wife asked me if I was ever going to have sex with her again. Of course I was waiting on her, so we made a mad dash for the bedroom.

Lack of sex for 3 weeks, even in my late 40's is enough to make my dick rock hard at the sight of my wife naked. We jumped in bed and started fingering her pussy straight away. I was so horny I asked her if she wanted me to talk dirty to her. She immediately responded with "yes". I asked her if she wanted me to tell her my fantasy. She again responded immediately with "YES". I started out telling her how I wished another guy was between her legs eating her pussy, sucking on her tits and getting ready to push his big dick in her pussy. She was moaning and I could tell she liked it. Although I never would have guessed what was about to happen.

I position my dick at her pussy and as I penetrated her, I told her it was another man pushing his dick inside her. She gasped a d bit her lower lip. I continued by asking her of she wanted to fuck another guy. Normally she doesn't answer questions like that, not even as a yes or no answer, but this time for the first time ever, she responded. It was a short and simple response, she said.... "with you watching"? I said "yes, with me watching". To which she simply replied "okay".

I couldn't believe my ears. Had my wife just agreed to fuck another guy? 14 years of marriage and she finally going to do it? Not so fast Skippy. The sex was amazing, no doubt about it. We both had orgasms that rocked the house, but afterwards while laying there, I asked her if she wanted to explore more of my fantasy. Her response, "not today". What the hell does that mean? Like not today but maybe next weekend? Or like not day not ever? I do know one thing. She at least had conversations during sex about it, which is more than she's ever done. So maybe she really dies want to fuck another guy in front of me.

10 months ago


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    • I hope she doe's its the most wonderful sexual high of them all to watch another man especially if he has a big cock penetrate your wife, and then when he shoots his sperm into her, keep on at her to do it you'll love watching

    • When my husband brought up his wanting to watch me having sex with other men my mind went to the ways this could make me look bad and I didn't dare risk any of that. My husband REALLY wants me to have sex with other men and brings it up every time we have sex.

      What he likes to forget is my desire to get gangraped. All he has to do is arrange for me to get gangraped by safe and clean men and he can watch me have sex all he wants

    • We did it a bit like that, we were 10 years in and maybe twice a month when one day she asked me why I didn't want sex more often. I explained that it was always the same, nothing new so it was tough for me to manage more frequent.
      She then asked me if I wanted some other woman to excite me, I told her that wasn't it but maybe she could find another male which got her very wide eyed.
      We did the talk, "Would you be mad?" And "Would you leave me?" and all of that, I just answered that if she did, I wanted to watch, and who or when was always up to her.
      So, one day she told me we were having a guest for dinner, then shyly muttered "Like you asked me to do." She relaxed when I smiled.
      So, the guy was nice, well equipped and good for seconds, and she got on top with her legs wide so I got to see it go into her, fantastic, and I got sloppy seconds while he watched. She was so slick I lasted nearly a half hour, I bet she climaxed 4-5 times. . Now we are back to once a week or so, and that is fine until maybe a next time, who knows?

    • The easiest way to not ever talk about it again. Rather, take her out and let her get a little too tipsy, then bring it up in public. Like “these guys are checking you out, you’re so damn sexy, everyone wants to do you, it would be so hot to see you acting naughty for me with one of these horny guys” make it about you and that’s she soooo sexy everyone wants her and those men are useless otherwise. She’ll be loosing up little by little. Have her dance with another guy one night, then later the dancing turns to kissing and touching, then another night it turns into her in the club men’s room giving a bj to a young guy with a big dick. Eventually she’s open to full sex, threesomes, etc.

    • Just egg her on at each step of the way. If she dances with one man, on her next dance tell her “you look soooo sexy out there, put on a good show for me, don’t be afraid to grind and let him feel you up, be my little slutty wife”. If sh does it the next time that’s what she’ll know to do tell “Lyon look sooo sexy dancing like a little slut, I love you, you’re so hot for me, it would soooo sexy to see you kissing the next guy you dance with”. The. Take it further until she’s being fingered on the dance floor, if you get that far she’s only steps away from full on sex. But be ready, there’s no other feeling in the world like seeing your wife be a whore for other men. The face she’ll make when another guy goes into her, it’s scary good.

    • Love to see her. I’ll share my wife too. Jsteele5250@gmail.com

    • You better think about it really hard. Make sure it's what you both want. Be open when you are talking to her. Lay out the ground rules first. And once she starts fucking other guys don't ever throw it up in her face. Because you are the one that started it in the first place . I talked my wife into fucking other guys and we never layed out any rules. Yes we had a lot of threesoms together. But she was also going out and getting fucked by herself. Sometimes she didn't come home all weekend. She just went wild for about 10 years. I was the one who talked her into it so it was my fault. I don't even know how many guys she has fucked over the years. It's not an easy life style that's for sure. Watching her with a guy was a huge turn on for me. But I also spent many nights alone thinking about her getting fucked by strange guys. All I am trying to say is that a woman will change once she starts fucking other guys. Just be ready for the consequences of what you want her to do. And be a man about it and love her for it.

    • The problem I see is your wife was already a selfish whore. I hate to break it to you but she was already fucking other guys just now she was able to be open about it. To leave you alone at home all weekend is selfish on her part. She could have at least collared you and allowed you to watch.
      As a cuckold, you could have worshipped her feet while she fucked another man. Served them drinks and snacks.
      Nope, you been had. Sorry.

    • I’ve had the pleasure of watching my wife fuck 2 other guys and know of 1 other plus 2 further guys she sucked off. It was hot a hell to see but it does play with your bond. Make sure you both want it and for god sake talk openly about everything. Hold anything back and it’ll eat away at you

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