Photos of my Sister

Back when I was a teenager, in the days long before cell phones, my sister had given me an old chest of drawers that she and her boyfriend no longer needed. As I was going through it I discovered a strip of photo negatives. The negatives were small and I was unable to make out what was on them and on two of them looked like they could be of my sister, curiosity got the best of me, so I took them to get prints made.

A couple of days had gone by and the pictures were ready, I paid $2 for the copies and started to go through them one by one. There was four prints, the first was a picture of my sister's dog, the second was a picture of a creek bottom. I was starting to think that I had wasted my money when I flipped to the third picture and my day brightened. The next picture was yet another picture of the creek bottom, but of a different location, in the picture was a large log and stretched across that log, was my sister, topless.

My eyes about bugged out of my head, I could not believe what I was seeing. I have seen my sister naked before, I used to spy on her in the shower but I always wanted a physical picture of her, something more than just my memory. Even better, there wasn't just one picture of her topless, there was two!

The pictures were not of the best quality, but something was way better than nothing and I have to admit it was nice to have them needed them. I ended up giving one of the pictures to my best friend, who had a big crush on my sister. My friend was also the only other person who knew about my set up to spy on my sister. I kept my copy with me for the next few years, I have to admit, I wish that I still had it today.

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  • I found a naked picture of my wife in a box with her college memos.
    'Why didn't you show me this, it's so hot.' She 18 and built, still is. Her now DD tits are single D. She looks much younger -- still looks 10 years younger. I started taking nudes of her at 24, soon after we met. She told me almost everyone boyfriend demanded nudes, just like me. She always got most the nudes back.
    She looks hot with on a mini and all, but nude she's a rock hard 10 Playboy centerfold ready. 'I might as well show you the others.' She brings out a box of 500 mostly nudes of her, Rated R but not X. Many are high quality 35mm and some are with a box camera. There were pro test shots for a girlie mag she was paid for, but then rejected their offer. Her mom wanted to go in but her aunt would disown her.

  • Should of just kept the pictures for yourself. I've always wanted to fuck my sister!

  • I did fuck my sister and she told my mom and about 6 mo went by and i seen my mom and sister geting it on you no the rest

  • You wish!

  • Best answer yet!!! LOL

  • At the very least I should have kept the negatives. They were small and I could have gotten reprints at anytime.

  • While my sister didn't exactly the biggest tits, A cup, small B, she did have some killer nipples that really stood out.

  • Sounds hot! You should try and fuck her!

  • True, but wouldn't you be reported if they were processed through a shop?

  • Computer scanners today can easily process a photo negative.

  • Cool

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