Going shopping en femme

I’m a Crossdresser recently becoming more daring in how I show myself. I went to the local supermarket yesterday. I had on a pair of pink Capri leggings (no underwear), a pair of very shiny knee highs, cute ballet slippers, and a very thin and somewhat see through v-neck tee shirt. Under it I wore a nice 40B bra, filled with lots of tissues. I walked into the store that way, garnering many “looks” from both men and women. I felt like I was walking on cloud 9. It was magical. When I got back to the car, I couldn’t help but relieve myself, with what seemed like a gallon of love nectar coming out of me. I had a cup with me, collecting every ounce of it, and gulping it down once my spigot stopped “exhaling”. Omg. It was heaven. Anyone else have a similar experience? Email me.

11 months ago

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    • I always have have some sort of women’s garment on when I go out but whacking off in the car, never. Cross dress and enjoy it but why get weird.

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