The 1st Time With My Husband’s Brother

The first time with my brother in law was erotic. We had been doing powder and my husband told me to go upstairs and change into a robe with nothing underneath. When I went upstairs my husband soon followed me and told me that his brother had seen all of the videos of me sucking and having sex with our neighbors and some of our friends. He told me that his brother would really like me to suck him. My husband left and told me he would be right back he was getting more cigarettes. He asked me to go downstairs and sit in the recliner which I did wearing no panties or a bra, just the robe. While driving back home from the store he FaceTimed me and told me to hand my phone to my brother and asked me to go over to the couch and slowly begin to suck on his brothers penis. When he got back he sat and watched for a bit. Then he gave me a monster line and laid me on the floor and asked me to continue to suck his brother. I was very nervous as I wasn’t thinking this was going to happen with his brother. Now I’m completely naked in front of both of them. As I began sucking my husband laid between my legs and began slowly licking me which with the blow set me off and got me very horny. My husband knows that just squeezing and pulling my nipples can make me orgasm and makes me very sexual. He told his brother to play with my breasts. I became extremely turned on and began to moan and move my hips up and down.
At that moment I couldn’t have told you where I was. I did faintly her my brother in law say to my husband that he was about to cum. My husband told him what he tells others no need to say anything just cum in her mouth. A few minutes later he grunted and released all of himself in my mouth.
After he finished my husband knelt above my chest and placed himself in my mouth. He told his brother to lick my pussy. My husband began asking me if I liked him licking my pussy. I managed to let out a shy yes. My husband told his brother to follow him. They went downstairs to get more drinks. Come to find out he had told his brother that he could cum inside my pussy if he wanted and that it makes me horny. They came back upstairs and asked if they could blindfold that they had something they wanted to try.
They wanted see if I could tell the difference. They started in my mouth then I could hear them each opening condom wrappers. I felt the first one go in and then stop. Then someone else entered me. Then it stopped and it seemed darker. I was told to get on my hands and knees. Someone entered me and began to thrust quickly in and out of me. I heard a phone dial and I could hear my husband’s voice on other end. I now knew his brother was inside me. His brother put it on speaker and I heard my husband say are you ready. His brother said in just a minute he told my husband he would hang up when it was ready. A minute or two later I heard the phone drop and my brother in law trying say something. Just then the room got very bright and my husband pulled off my blindfold. My husband had a mirror in his hand between my legs and told me to look. I strained to see but then felt and saw it slowly leaking out, my brother in law had cum inside me. After the initial shock and rush of blood to my head he said thank you for allowing that to happen.
I couldn’t reply but was soon having this feeling of eroticism. My husband gave me a quick bump which sent me off again.
My husband asked if we should go down to the hotub for a little while and we all went down.!once in the tub they began talking about having me naked when ever he comes over. They both started rubbing, squeezing, and licking me all over. They kept feeding me lines utilizing didn’t know where I was. They were having a great time with me and me too. My husband asked if he wanted to see the sexiest thing ever and of course he said sure. He said you guys stay here I will be back in 12-15 minutes. About 20 to 25 minutes later he came walking around the back of the house and told us to jump in the outside shower and then wait downstairs. He went inside and came down as we were just finishing our shower. We both sat in towels on the couch. My husband had brought down from my dresser a pair of thigh highs, black tall heels one of my tallest and a pair of crotchless panties with a black see through cami.
Once I was dressed he laid me down on a comforter on the floor and used two neckties to tie my wrists to the sofa legs. He if I wanted my legs tied I said let’s just start with arms if that’s okay. He asked me if I was ready? I said I guess. He had his brother give me three pretty big sized lines which he helped me with since my arms were restrained then a shot of vodka which they both helped one to raise my head the other to give me the shot. After that they asked if I was comfortable and feeling well which I said yes. Then they both started squeezing my nipples and rubbing my crotch. I had never been so high and turned on.
My husband knows when I am about to cum and would tell his brother when to stop so that I would not have an orgasm. They both went up stairs and soon someone came down completely naked and laid on top of me and began sucking my nipples. I had never seen this guy before but he looked to be about 19 or 20 years old. A good 27-30 years younger than me.
My brother in law came down with his camera on and told me to look sexy that he was filming this. I asked who was on me and he said it was someone your husband works with. He said wow that’s big do you like it and he said he felt small compared to that. It was then that I noticed just how long and kind of thick it was. Not a soda can circumference but close and he wasn’t all the way in. My husband came down with mixed drinks and asked how do I feel. I said kind of in shock who is this. He said it’s a guy he met working out at the gym.

11 days

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