I love her

Last nighty wife made me a happy man. She asked me if I wanted to have a threesome with her and her sister. I was thought I heard her completely wrong before she said it again. She told me they have always Played around with each other as kids and always talked about doing it with a guy together. My wife's sister came over today and told me that she was going to let me do anything that my wife lets me do. She told me that she is comfortable with letting me cum in her mouth and pussy if I wanted. My wife told me that her sister is going to only be with us and no one else. Once we do it together we can all feel free to do anything with each other without any problems. If I wanted to walk into the bathroom while her sister is in the shower I can. She told me as long as I never hide anything from her. She said if I was fucking her and she came home that I could keep doing it with her even if she walked in on us. My wife told me that her sister is going to move in with us and we can all be free to do anything we want. Her sister told me that there is just one catch. Every year we go on our vacation we will all go together and I have to pick one guy we meet to join us. I agreed that it was definitely a fair trade off. My wife and her sister are taking showers right now. My wife told me that she is going to let me have her sister alone tonight as soon as she gets out of the shower. She told me she wants to watch me fuck her and cum in her for the first time. I'm waiting on the couch right now with my dick as hard as it's ever Been. My sister in law said that I can feel free to take her anytime I feel I want her. If she ever gets pregnant it doesn't matter to them. My wife can't have children. She said she would be happy if I actually did get her pregnant. I'm going to try to get her pregnant from the start.

10 months ago

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