Sister attraction

My sisters 2 years younger, but already looks fully developed and is just out and out hot. There was a massive party the other day and we managed to get her really drunk, and I was too but I remember it. She gave me a handjob in the toilets and I fingered her. I was undressing her and went in and out a few times trying to fuck her but she was still sober enough to not want to have full out sex. She didn't remember it luckily, I feel kinda bed but I know my urges song stop until I fuck her. I hate the fact I am so attracted to that little bitch, but yeah

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  • Last year at a Christmas party I gave myself to my older brother three years my senior. H3e caught me in the hall going to the bathroom pinned me against the wall and gave me one hell of a kiss right on my lips and we kissed and kissed as he rubbed himself against me as he inched us closer and closer to the bathroom.

  • Once inside we couldn't get out of our clothes fast enough I dropped to my knees took hold of him and started in licking the head of his cock and sucking on him as I slid my hand up a down the length of his coc as he pushed even more and more into my mouth, I asked him not to cum in me and he said he wouldn't and I continued to suck on him taking a good 5 inches into my mouth he'd hold himself tight against my throat and push harder and harder till some was going down my throat and the next thing I knew he had all 7+ inches of his cock deep into my mouth and throat he had hold of my head ond he tried pushing more and more into me and then I gaged and got off of him. he layed me down onto the floor and got right between my legs and started in fucking me kinda slow but deep grinding himself against my clit making me cum on him three times and then he started in fucking me faster and faster and he pulled my hips up and I reminded him not to cum in me and he said to l a t e as he filled my pussy with his cum, he started in kissing me and I was returning his kisses and he started in fucking me again going deeper all the time anf then taking hold of my legs raising them onto his shoulders he'd pull out of my pussy and rub himself against my ass telling me the ass is good for fucking to as he pushed a good inch or so into me and I would have screamed but he had his hand over my mouth as he pushed more and more into me till I had all of him in me and he began fucking my ass hard and harder. I don't know how long he did me stopping from time to time and he came in my ass telling me no worries there for I cant make ass babies. We continued to kiss and then came a knock on the door telling us to hurry up.

  • What a lovely story of family togetherness...& right before the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

  • I would love to read more from you on this subject. How it all comes out in the end

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