Married bisexual man

I started to suck dick around 16 years old ! My friends and I would do sleep overs at different friends house’s
So as we got older we noticed that out body’s started to change we started to play with our friends dicks to see what was going on happen ! Over time we got curious ! So I we found one of ore friends fathers porn videos and watch it when his parents went to work ! And we watched a girl giving a guy a blowjob ! So we watched her do it so we tried to do it also I wanted to try it first as nd I finished him off in my mouth just like she did in the video we all took turns doing it !
Until this day I still love to suck cock it don’t matter what size or how big it is as long as I can fit it in my mouth and let them Cumm in my open mouth snd the last few years I’ve been taking it up my ass and enjoying it every time I get fucked in my ass !

3 months ago


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    • Long a go when i thought i was so straight i woke up beside my wife knowing id have to face a 19 year old lad id sucked of the previous night having lost a simple bet i should have won 10 times over. Filled me with fear as it all came back to me.Id like to blame the drink and the can`t remember anything excuse but 7 inches filling your mouth and knowing id got so carried away licking down the full length of the shaft and its big head encouraging its owner to thrust and come in my mouth. But as soon as i saw him my eyes were down on his zip and a place quickly found .

    • I’d love to to share my wife with other men as long as I can watch !
      And maybe join in with them helping her suck his cock !
      I definitely love to be between her legs while he’s pounded her pussy like a little slut !
      I’d make him pulls his cock out her puddy and put it into my mouth and suck it clean before he puts it back inside her wet pussy that I’m still licking her pussy the same she’s getting her pussy fucked !
      I really enjoy it when a man shots his hot load of Cumm deep inside hey sweet pussy so I can be right there to let all of his load to run out of her pussy into my open mouth and show him how much I love to swallow a mans Cumm !
      After I’m done swallowing his Cumm I have him put his cock in my open mouth and suck the rest of his Cumm and my wife’s pussy juices off his hard Cumm covered cock !
      My wife loves it when I do that to her !
      And it’s my turn to bread her pussy !
      Just writing this comment is making me get hard just thinking about it and when it’s going to happen again !
      Looks like I’m going to need to jam my my cock and Cumm in my hand and lick it off and swallow it thinking it’s another mans Cumm !

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