Married bisexual ma panty fetish

I love to smell a pair of woman’s dirty panties! Dirty panties makes me so horny !
I went to a customers house week to do some repairs at there house the day before to see what they need to get done I gave them a price for the repairs needed to get done !
Do I went back a few days later to start the repairs! They put the keys in a lock box outside with my deposit to !
So I get to there hose I go inside and sad start moving the bed snd nightstands to the middle of the room ! After I moved the stuff I found 2 pairs of dirty panties under the bed!
Me having a panty fetish ! I locked them up and put them to my nose a sniffed them ! They smelled so good that I started to get hard !
Do I went in the bath and pulled out my cock and started to stroke it until I shot my load in my hand and licked it from my hand !
After a was done I went back into the bedroom patched a few holes and started to paint ! The next day i went back finish up the small details ! This time his wife was home and she asked me why her dirty panties where in the bathroom ! I told her that I found them under the bed when I moved it out of my way so I can paint the walls ! And she hold me that they have a hidden camera inside of the smoke detector ! And she checked to video when she got home to make sure that I wasn’t stealing any thing ! She spotted me sniffing her dirty panties in camera ! So she walked up close to me and told that I need to do something for her so she won’t need to tell her husband what I was doing with her panties ! she told you like to smell dirty panties you need to sniff the panties I’m wearing right now ! If that’s what I need to do to keep you from telling your husband ! S o get down on your knees and put your face between my legs and sniff away ! And we will take it from there ! I asked what does she mean ? What else do you want me to do to you !
What ! Eat your pussy fuck you eat your ass !
is that what you want me to do just say the words ! She replied back to me ! So I told her the words are please fuck me now !
So she repent words back to me !
So I did what she asked of me so I striped all of her cloths off of her snd she striped my b CNN lithos off also ! So I went back down between her legs a buried my face in her pussy and her ass licking every inch of her ! Then I got up and pushed my cock all the way inside of her pussy Daly deep in one push ! I asked her has her husband ever given you anal sex
He tried to before but he didn’t like doing it to me ok do you what me to f do obit yo you. I’d love to to fuck in your ass I already got your ass lubed up snd ready to be gucked ! So d sad he go ahead try it d sad o I pulled my wet cock out of her wet pussy snd tubed the head of my Vick up and f do own a rew times to forearm our juices agog but her sad before I pushed my cock inside of her ass ! She said it was hurting her ass so I slowed down pushing in and out of her ass I slowly begin to pick up my pace ! Then she started to moan telling me to go faster and harder inside her ass ! After a few long minutes she starting squirting all over me and I loved it so much hat I pulled my cock out of her ass and rolled her over on her back so I was able to put my cock in her mouth just as I put my cock in her mouth I released my load into her open mouth then she rapped her lips aroundthevhead of my cock and sucked every drop of Cumm out of my cock it felt like she was trying to suck my balls through my cock into her mouth! She can suck cock like a pro !
After I was all done with my repairs they needed me to do! She found more work to get done ! And most of the work getting done was in her!
Believe me I didn’t mind I was gettin paid cash and ass ! I guess her husband didn’t mind paying me for fucking his wife ! Or maybe he a voyeur ! And likes to watch his wife getting fucked by another man and probably jacking off watching me fucking his wife!

1 month ago

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