Older Neighbor Surprises

I was sitting at my desk looking at some hot porn..it was a beautiful woman spreading her pussy. Someone knocked at the door..it was my neighbor woman, a widow who's about 67...I'm 34. She wanted to see if I would feed her dog for her, I've done it before.
Said sure, then asked her if she wanted something to drink..she said yes....I went into kitchen, forgetting to shut my laptop. She was standing kinda near my desk when I came back. She surprised me (and kept on surprising) as she said, the woman was a beautiful woman. I said, yeah she is. Then she said is that the type of girl you like?...I said, sure! As we were standing there looking at my laptop my cock started to get hard. She said, I can tell you like her. Then she reached down and started to rub my cock through my pants. My cock was getting bigger and harder, she undid my pants letting them fall and started running her fingers along my shaft and teasing my cockhead that's was straining against my underwear. She unbuttoned my shirt and told me to take it off and my pants...I did. She had fairly large tits and asked if I wanted to touch them? I said yes. She pulled out her tits and I started caressing them. She then reached into my underwear and pulled out my cock. It snapped to attention when she released me. Her eyes widened as she said it had been many years since she's seen a cockhead as big as mine. She told me her husband had one, though now seeing mine it didn't seem so big.
She said she wanted me to jack off for her a bit.....so I started to stroke my cock for her. Her eyes were locked on my dick head as it continued to swell, get fatter and my shaft got thicker. She said she'd never seen such a thick cock and huge head. She then told me to grab the base of my cock hard...which only made my cock harder and my head fatter.
She then took her fingers and started to run them across my head...teasing it...fingering the ridge of my cock, teasing the underside and running her finger along and into my piss slit...after a few minutes of her doing this, she was proud of herself as a huge bead of my pre started to slowly appear on the tip of my cock. She told me whenever her husband had pre-cum, she knew he was going to "cum big".
By now there was a thick long strand of my pre hanging off the end of my cock. She squeezed my cockhead and another huge bead came out....she was excited and commented that my cockhead never seemed to stop getting "fatter".
Now my cock was so stiff it almost hurt....it was sticking straight up against my stomach as I stood there. Then surprising me further, she took out her false teeth! With one hand she reached up grabbed my shaft and pulled my cock down and with the other she grabbed my balls. I stood there watching as my cock head disappeared into her lips and mouth.
She started slowly sucking the head and toungueing the underside of my cock head, teasing it. She then slowly moved down my thickening shaft. She came back up on it said it was too thick for her to take the entire length of my cock....with my manhood throbbing in her hand. She then started down on me again.
She sucked the head, as much shaft as she could, then licked the sides of my cock and massaged my balls. She pulled off of my cock and stared at for a second, smiled and popped it back into her mouth. This time though, she sucked it harder....as she did she was looking up at me...she then locked her gums down around my swollen cockhead and squeezed my balls hard and as she did, my cock flinched up, and pulsated 4 to 5 times as I could feel massive amounts of cum blast out of my cock. She kept my still hard cock in her mouth for a minute more. Then got up, put her teeth back in and told me she knew I was going to "cum like a bull".
She said she'd let herself out as I stood there with my cock still hard, with cum running down my shaft as she left.

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  • Everyone thinks older ladies don't suck dick. Most of them love to. They grew up pre STDs (pretty much) -- They used as a way to keep boyfriends happy and not get pregnant. On a first date I got frisky with this young lady and she ave me a blowjob. I've calling her wife now 40 years. Years later I asked her if she did that often, 'If a nice guy took me on a date and showed me a good time and he 'wanted some' i'd give him a blowjob if I liked him that way. My way of saying thanks, It got me 2nd dates.'

  • Seriously? You think an eighty year old pussy is going to get wet? That thing would be so dry it would catch fire on a hot summer day. I worked at an assisted living facility for years, and any women over 65 that I ever fucked had to be lubed up with big globs of Vaseline and K-Y Jelly, just to keep from peeling the skin off my fuck stick.

  • It was a BJ and my nympho 65 year old wife gets wetter than an otter's pocket.
    She in perfect shape though-- looks 50, turns heads in her 2 piece -- i'd be fucking her now but she's at the gym again.

  • Ha! I'd imagine it would be drier then a desert! Never said her pussy got wet...? She just blew me.
    Thanx for reading and the comment though!

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