Stalked by a lesbian

I'm being stalked by a lesbian. She's 22, smart, and we got along well from the day we first met. At first we just interacted at work, but then we started going out to lunch, and then she started asking if I wanted to do things with her on the weekends. That was when I noticed that she had a deeper interest in me.

The thing is that I'm 37, married to a wonderful guy, and she knows that I'm not a lesbian. I admit, though, that I was flattered by her attention, enjoyed her company, and stupidly crossed the barrier with her once. She invited me to her apartment for coffee and she kissed me, and I kissed back. She was really good at it and just the taste of her mouth and the scent of her perfume made my nipples erect. We had great, hot sex that afternoon and I'm not going to lie: she turned me inside out on her tongue that day. My husband has no idea that I cheated on him. It was a one-time thing, and it was the only time I've ever been with a woman.

After that day, she started buying me presents and leaving them on my desk. She also started giving me cards and writing me sensual love letters and poems. I've told her that I'm not leaving my husband for her, that I'm not lesbian, and that she deserves better, but she keeps pursuing me, blowing up my phone, and asking to go out on another date.

I could probably say that she's sexually harassing me, since we work together, but no, she's just madly in love with me and I can't shake her. It's more sad than anything, because she's such a lovely person. I feel sorry for her, but I want her to get over me and find someone else with whom to fall in love.


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  • Great hot sex you describe tells a lot about you are you looking at women differently now maybe your husband might be interested in you bringing home women. I know mine loved it when I was seduced by a younger woman at my gym and it opened a whole new world for me. Life is short

  • The company I work for she would be in violation of the code of conduct. If that the case at your employer. You might suggest stop or you will file a complaint

  • The worst are the bi-sexual bestiality leso who pretend to be leso but are violent and really hetro vultures after the kill. they will attack and do all kinds of abuse on a virgin or nice woman. they would have their dog rape you your mom and they would fuck your car exhume pipe dog at a family party and or rape you with their Multi-quick stick mixer hand blenders and so two faced all the while sucking on a guys cock and playing innocent/violent victim tough trot gamers. keep away from them.

  • Bi-sexual Bestiality Lesbos? I must admit it makes me want to read the comic book.

  • Why do you think people think ellen degrenerate is just that. she is sickening and not funny and she is a sexual bully on non leso's she gets crushes on. I have friends and support people who are male and female but I don't want to fuck a woman or anyone I don't like. stand up for yourself and don't let them get away with it.

  • I have been through that and come out the other end and she was giving legal reprimand time. gays don't have a right to bully you into sex or loving them, and being a friend is not gay. no one has the right to bully you into something you don't want.

  • Sounds like you need to be "cruel to be kind". Tell her we were curious but it is COCK only for you from now on.

  • Mommy issues

    get her to tongue out your butthole

  • Nothing wrong with rimming a clean ass.

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