Wife's libido

I have wanted my wife to be more open and experiment in our sex life. She has dabbled a tiny bit, but now seems to have lost her desire. I am constantly looking at porn, trying to fulfill my fetishes. I asked her if she could give me a visual so i can release tension in the shower. She took her shirt and bra off as she kept getting ready so i could watch as i pleasured myself. Last night, i was masterbating in bed and shaking the whole mattress. She just rolled over. Should i believe she has lost her desire, or is she living a secret life? I told her im willing to do anything to help her, and her response is i know. Any advice?

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  • Just take her next time, trump says you can do what you want.

  • Knock off the same stupid comment over and over

  • She might be getting it elsewhere, or she maybe just has no sex drive, it happens with a lot of women. Drugs and alcohol sometimes help, also, a doctor can check her hormone levels. My ex was low on testosterone and had zero sex drive. Dr. gave her testosterone pills and she became a wild nympho that fucked me raw and anyone else she could seduce. Had to divorse her for being a slut, after she gave me herpes and the clap.

  • Why dont you just get her drunk, its the best lubricant on earth :p

  • Next time she comes home late, lick her pussy immediately

  • My wife discovered religion, and admitted that she always thought oral sex was gross. I'm now happily preparing for our pending divorce.

  • Same thing happened to my buddy recently. Wife quit her naked partying and sex play. Of course he didn't understand this and she divorced him beccause he wouldnt go along with it.

  • She's not the first wife to turn cold. It happens. Unfortunately, unless you become unfaithful, your one and only sex partner for the remainder of your life is your hand. Welcome to marriage.

  • It does sound she just went cold. My Ex went cold then it went to sexless marriage. That is why she is an EX

  • Sounds like she is getting her pleasure elsewhere. Has she been working late nights and her days off?

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