All That Glitters Isn't a Good Hole

A few years ago at a skinny-dipping party I was enjoying the warm waters, sitting on the pool steps, watching women and men disrobe. A cute little redhead chubbette arrived and shucked hers off. The carpet matched the drapes, which thrilled me, but, I thought it odd as the other women of her age there were clean shaven. She was pale skinned, with pink nipples on nice breasts, and a darling baby doll face with full, pouty lips.

My wife and girlfriend were also present. The wife was inside, in the basement, on faux fur rugs, getting her large breasts mauled and being fingered. The girlfriend was only yards away in the hot tub trying to get the swim suit off a beauty queen. I watched the redhead being passed around in the pool, also mauled, and, finally penetrated by a good-looking guy with a big dick. He had entered her from behind and was pushing her around like a wheelbarrow, his hands holding those pale thighs. She was making motorboat noises in the water with those pouty lips. I got hard as a forty dollar coal chisel.

At some point she swam up to me, and I kissed her and embraced her. She positioned her snatch over my erection and giggled. "Oh my, you are ready to go, aren't you ? " I felt that red bush caressing me, and beginning to part.
"No, he's not ! " came a voice behind me, and my girlfriend eased into the pool beside me. The redhead pushed away with a little smirk, and went to find another hardon. I frowned at my girlfriend and she whispered, "You'll thank me later. "

Turns out the redhead of my lustful attention was a petri dish for STD's, most notably, chlymydia . Safe sex was talked about but rarely practiced. Even the good-looking guy with the big dick got infected, though, I don't think in the pool. I don't know how easily STD's are transmitted in chloronated water if at all. I had to thank the girlfriend, but, not before I beat her tits black a blue with a lead-loaded pig slapper.

11 months ago

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