My first

I've seen stories about Milf's or cougars and get hard just reading and thinking about my first. When I was 16 my moms friend Linda came to stay for a couple weeks. Linda was 42 divorced and a beautiful redhead. One day my mom and her were sunning by the pool enjoying there margaritas, I was hooked the first time I seen her in her swim suit. I just got up and could not take my eyes off her and I knew I couldn't go out there with a flagpole in my swim suit. So I went upstairs to rub on out and I passed her room and seen where she changed, her clothes were on the bed and I spotted her panties,I thought that would be a bonus to see what see smelled like when jacking off. That helped and didn't take long but I was so caught up I didn't hear her come inside, she busted me and I froze with my suit down I was so embarrassed. She smiled and walked away, I went out to the pool and it was hard to look at her but had to do it. Not as bad as I though just smirks from her till later that night she came to my room and kinda blackmailed me says she wouldn't tell my mom what happened earlier. I bet a day of drinking she was happy and asked to do what I did earlier,I was scared that she would tell but I told her I was too nervous. She laughed and kind helped me buy undressing and with in a few minutes I got a quick lesson on the facts of life. She reached out to touch my penis and I couldn't believe how good it felt to have someone else touch it, I didn't last long before I came in her hand. She then laid down and taught me how to lick her pussy my first taste was awesome. That was it for the night but the next two weeks were unbelievable I had sex for the fist time and I'll never forget her loving touch. That happened about 10 years ago and it seemed like yesterday. She comes back every couple years and we always find time for a quickie, so that's my first a beautiful redhead.

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  • Is it wrong for young women to use sex toys and do self stimulation? just want some advice. would any men be offended at me looking at the dikpic or face while doing it?

  • Use any toy you wish, I just want to watch you cum

  • No but I would like to lick those toys.

  • God I wish I could bone a milf or cougar like that.

  • Sorry I don’t want to

  • Im not a fan of redheads

  • Oh this one might change your mind

  • Statistically redheads have sex more often, so you seem to be in the minority on that one.

  • Oh Lucky me then

  • I am sure your mother had to have know + I'm surprised you didn't get scorched by her "fire crotch"

  • I don’t think so but if she did nothing was or did get brought up.. and that fire crotch all trimmed and tasty

  • Oh you lucky fuck,I’m in love with every gorgeous redhead out there. Gingers Rule.

  • I know she’s in her 50’s now and she can still rock it, She’s like a fine wine she taste better all the time.

  • Haha nice. I was caught at my friends house after his mom came out of the shower. She caught me stealing her dirty panties & bra. I was 12. They later moved but the day I went to say goodbye to my friend, she returned some of my belonging that I had left there, I discovered a pair of panties, bra, and spandex pants along with a topless photo. We didn't keep in touch. But a few years ago I saw her at a resort, she was on a girls only retreat. It took a few days of flirting, but I finally got my milf, she was now 45, and looking better than ever.

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