Watched my mom

Well as bad as this is going to sound I watched my mom suck and get screwed from behind by numerous guys one night.
I was in college at the time and one of my friends invited me to his frat house party at another college that was only about half an hour from home. My plan was to party and crash at my friends place then go home in the morning.
I arrived and the party was in full swing with dozens of guys and several women dancing and things were pretty crazy. I wandered around some and after about an hour some guy told me I needed to go downstairs because there were two women down there sucking dick after dick. I had honestly only received five or six blowjobs in my life so far and all from the same woman but we broke up. I walked downstairs and my eyes went wide as I stared at this redhead sucking on a guy with another guy standing next to her. She had one of her hands wrapped around his cock just holding it. I looked beyond her and another woman was naked on all fours on a coffee table, there was several guys around her. One was getting sucked on and one was behind her thrusting in and out of her pussy. The rest of them were running their hands over her boobs and waiting their turn.
I had not really looked at her face but walked over looking at her from behind, after a few minutes the guy in front must have came because he pulled away and she turned her head around looking at the guy pounding away on her.
I just about jumped out of my skin as I looked at her face then stared harder, no fricken way that was my mom.
My mind and body were one big tingle as worked my way around the redhead so I could see the other woman’s face again. I looked her body and she looked about right then like a lightening bolt I looked down at her fingers and her wedding ring. I stared at her face but she was sucking off another guy already then the all my questions were answered in a second as the redhead got up and walked over to the table. She said my mom’s name and told her that it looked like she was having fun. She stripped off her clothes and got in the same position just in the opposite direction.
I stood there watching her suck and moan out from cocks entering her for several minutes then walked upstairs. There was no way I could stay here now so I drove all the way back to my college damaged for life with the memory of her getting two wayed in the basement of a frat house.

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  • I loved going back to college, finished getting my phd. My kids were all done with school so it was my turn, 41 and partying like never before, the attention I received was nothing I've ever gotten before, and yes I know it was only for my body, but I didn't care, the feeling was great. The sex was great. Started off one on one, then threesomes, and full blown orgies, then I calm down and went back to one on one. Still married

  • My mum sucked my cock and had me lick her pussy from when I was a kid and made me fuck her when I was 10

  • Would love to find a lil girl to fuck

  • My boyfriends mom was a total drugged out whore. We used to see her getting fucked all the time. One night we were in his bed and she stumbled in, completely naked and blathering something incoherent. My boyfriend yelled at her to get the hell out, but she was just dazed. Then this guy comes in, yells down the hall toward her room, “I found her!” He reached between her legs from behind and stuck his fingers in her pussy, and dragged her out. She was crazy.

  • Can't believe you didn't get a piece of mom. She's hot. Was she always a slut?

  • Sounds fake (why is your mom at a frat party), but pretty hot anyway. Did you say hello to your dad while you were there?

  • You are absolutely right, but I would have stuck my dick in Mom's mouth and started fucking her mouth while yelling "oh god yeah, ooooh mom i love the way you sock your baby's hard cock. Oh Mom I want you to drink my hot cum". Then I would have turned Mom over and fucked her pussy while every one watched. Then I would be a motherfucker for real.

  • You shoulda mounted your mom from behind and pumped a load of splooge in her, then tapped her on the shoulder and said "thanks mom". Might have opened up a whole new avenue of things to do with mom, while dad is away.

  • Sexy story. Not sure I believe it though.

  • Damaged for life? People fuck, did you think your mom never took a dick?

  • Why didn’t you join in

  • I would fuck my mother has anyone fucked their mother

  • Yes, wrote about it on here and it was actually her idea. I think she was pretty drunk the first time it happened but she remembered it and we kept it up for quite a few years.

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