Wife confessed to a little kink in her 20's

We were in heavy foreplay one night - and I whispered into my still very sexy (36, 5'7", 130lbs)....ear, "what was some of the kinky stuff men did to you, when you were younger?"
She, of course, hemmed and hawed around - always afraid her sexy antics will make her seem like a slut to me....
I pressed on, "honey??.....if it's sexy - let's have it!"
"I don't know....You remember that boss I had when I first worked at the courthouse? The one who kept trying to get in my pants, even though he was 20 yrs older than me, married with 3 kids?"
"Yeah - you said he did get into your pants a couple of times, you said."
"Yeah - well one night at my apt he got me very drunk. He led me into the kitchen and opened my fridge and said 'let's see what goodies we have in here for y o u !
He sat me on the counter. I'm naked of course. He sprayed whip cream on my nipples and drizzled chocolate syrup on my breasts ....and licked me clean. Then he spied my bowl of fruit. He selected a pretty large banana and came towards me. I thought he was going to have me eat it, and maybe peal it and simulate a sexy blow-job with it. Nope - he pushed my thighs far apart and slowly inserted that banana into my pussy! I was already wet - but it still hurt, until he turned it so it stopped poking my cunt sides - then he "fucked" me with it while sucking on my teats and watching it go in and out of me."
"He came on my foot - I remember - but I did not. I faked it to get him to stop and pull it out. He was so turned on he led me into the living room and face fucked me for a long time. It took forever because he was soft.....and at 44 it took awhile to get him up again."
"Yessss, looking back it does seem kind of sexy and kinky,...now - but at 24 or/whatever....it just seemed crude and mean to jam something into a girl's body for his pleasure.
He did like to fuck me out of town where people could see us. He knew guys weren't paying any attention to his identity - it was me and my naked butt they were focused on....cab drivers, hotel employees, waiters got to see his fingers in me, a policeman once caught me on him in his car...he'd seen him coming in the mirror - wanted me to be exposed and caught naked, !,, truckers.

One time, on the top floor of the city library which was under construction, he pushed me to my knees and unzipped for a little 'oral' on his admittedly big dick. Then he stood me up, yanked down my jeans and panties, bent me over and fucked me doggy style on the dusty floor. After he finished in me...I got up and saw that 3 workers had watched the whole thing! He knew they we there, or course - which explained why he was so rough when pounding into me! Giving the boys a good show! When I stood up they got to see 'him' dribbling out of me....I'm sure. There was always a lot of it."
She was a sexy girl - with a sexy past - and can still fuck the chrome off a hitch!

Jul 6
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    • They either tell you the truth or lie their ass off. I find that the women who were teenagers in the 70's (Era of the sexual revolution) are very reluctant if they say anything at all about former partners or the weird shit they did. Not to say that they didn't do some real kinky stuff.
      Now women that were teenagers in the late 90's they are so casual about their sex, they almost enjoy telling you what they have done

    • My wife was in her 20s in the 70s. She doesn't say much about her former partners but two of them were friends of mine and they told me about how she sucked their cocks and loved to be fucked in all positions. It didn't bother me that she had been with other guys before me, it actually made me want her more since I wanted a woman that loved sex. And she certainly did and still does!

    • Damn she was a grade a slut

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