Sexual Vacation Trip as Teen

When I was a young teen I went on a vacation to Brazil with my Aunt who was single. She was in her early thirties and I was at the beginning of my teen years. We send shopping for the trip and my aunt got me skimpy shorts and tops and some small bikinis that I had never ever worn before for the beach. She even got me this dress for social nights that was like see thru, you could practically see my bra and panties right they it. She blinked her eyes at me and says that's the idea Wendy. Everything during the trip was fun, I even was brace enough to wear the tiny bikinis on the beach, seems like everyone eles's were anyways. The night my Aunt wanted to go dancing, she laid out the baby blue dress with the white bra and panties she wanted me to wear under. Gosh, they practically barely covered my female parts as I put them on. My aunts dress was just as revealing. At the dance, I could tell all eyes were on both of us, we had dinner, danced, I had some wine and we went with some guys to a party. After the party we ended up at our villa. My Aunt went with a man to her room and left me with some young guys. Within minutes we were just dancing in the living room , then I felt his hands going under my dress, I didn't want to act like a child so I let him, within minutes it was like my dress was gone and I was on the couch in just my bra and white panties, those came off shortly and my pussy was being exposed for the first time to male eyes. The best night of my life til that time.

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