I am dating two women

I had been dating a very nice woman who was a virgin and after two full months, we had sex. It was enjoyable since we were both virgins. Fast forward six months and I saw another woman that I liked and I asked her out. We had sex on our first date and for the last year I have been dating both women without them knowing about each other.
The woman who was a virgin has been hinting about getting married. The other woman also has started hinting about marriage.
My question is should I propose to the woman that has only had sex with me or should I propose to the woman who has enjoyed many men before me while I have only fucked two women?

1 month ago

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    • You are on a slippery slope, my friend. Of course, the slope is slippery from all the cum dripping out of both of those women, and it's not your's !

    • I had that choice many years ago… one would only let me touch her breasts, the other let me fuck her on the second date!
      Even though I knew that with the fridget one I would have been only the second one up inside her..,
      I chose the one who had opened her legs for many guys before me!
      Don’t ask me why!!

    • Are you still happy with your choice? Has the sex been good? Has she had sex with any other men since you got married?

    • Leave them both. You are a massive P.O.S., and you don't deserve ANY happiness. Eat shit and die.

    • I would go with the woman who has been fucked by many men.
      Just think of them fucking her when you have sex…. Will be a real turn on!

    • Totally true! Marry a whore and you will never be unhappy. My father taught me that.

    • Eh, so, I made out with 2 real sister's at the same time, try and beat that, plus I made them kiss each other for the fun of it. The big Sister screamed at me, you made me kiss my own Sister, that’s gross, that’s like you kissing your little brother.

    • The one you laugh more with also the one with less luggage and skeletons

    • You should put them in a pit and tell them only one can come out alive. Make them tear at each other with their bare hands to the death. You marry the triumphant one. Easy peasy.

    • Propose to the one you love and want to spend your life with.

    • Absolutely right.

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