A day on the boat

I had just bought my first boat and got it ready for a day on the lake. I asked my friend I knew from high school if she was free and she said yes. Meeting her at the boat launch she was surprised with how nice the boat was and jumped on board. Going around the lake and stopping in the middle I turned down the music and asked if she wanted to go swimming now as it was hot. Sure she said. Watching her lift her shirt and pull down her jean shorts she had on a light red one piece. My friend had light blonde hair and killer blue eyes. She always hated her body type but had bigger boobs she didn't mind showing off. Already having my suit on we jumped off the back. Having fun in the water after a while she asked if I was hungry and wanted lunch. I said yes and we went to the back of the boat to the ladder. She had a hard time getting out as my ladder was short and asked if I could help push her up. Putting my hands on her butt and pushing I couldn't ignore her ass in my face. Getting an erection she was able to get up and into the boat. Not wanting her to see me hard I said I have to go pee and went to the front of the boat. With my back to the boat I untied my suit and started to stroke a little. After a few seconds my friend asked what I wanted and I said just a sandwich would be fine. Feeling my erection going down I swam back and got out. Eating lunch and relaxing we put everything away. My friend asked if she minded if she suntanned a bit on the back. I joked and said clothes are optional out here and she laughed. She laid her towel down on the back deck and laid down on her stomach. Getting comfortable she hooked her shoulder straps and pulled them down. Stopping at her waist, her back was exposed. Looking at her ass again she asked if I minded putting sunscreen on her since she didn't get her back. Standing next to her, her skin was soft and warm from the sun. My hands glided up and down her back and she said that feels nice. Smiling, I stopped and she said you missed my sides. Putting more sunscreen on my hands I started at her waist and went up. Seeing her side boobs I went around them. Spreading my hands apart my pinkies brushed her boobs. Stopping again she said thanks. Moving to the front of the boat I asked her if she minded if I took off my shorts as they hadn't dried yet. She said no as her kid back home didn't like wearing pants and it wasn't anything she hadn't seen before. Wrapping my towel around I pulled off my shorts and reclined in the chair. Listening to the music my friend fell asleep. Looking back at her I watched her chest move while she was breathing in and out. Feeling my erection grow I opened my legs and put my hand between grabbing my dick. Turning forward I closed my eyes and started to slowly stroke again. Imagining my friend's boobs and messaging them with her hard nipples, my friend cleared her throat and asked if I was enjoying myself. Turning red and pulling my hand out and apologizing, my friend laughed and said it's okay. We all do it. It's your boat. Do what you want. Smiling back, my friend took off her sunglasses and sat up. Watching her boobs hang before resting I stared at her nipples. She lifted her hips and grabbed her suit and pulled it all the way off. Setting it beside her she opened her legs. Looking at her shaved pussy she had big outer lips that were still wet from her suit. It's not fair if I'm the only one naked she said smiling. Removing my town I sat in the seat facing her. Grabbing my dick again and stroking my friend put her hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy. Watching her boobs jiggle her nipples got hard. Moving her other hand up she grabbed her left breast and pinched her nipple. Slipping in two fingers I could hear how wet she was. Going faster my hand was soaked and she began to moan a little. Moving her legs up onto the bench she rested them wide up. Seeing her ass hole now exposed I started to cum. Shortly after she started to shake and breathe hard before squirting a little. Moaning loud and panting we caught our breath. Smelling sex in the air I couldn't take my eyes off. It's been a while since I've orgasmed that hard. She said. My kid has been sleeping with me the past few nights and I'm not use to not getting off that long. Smiling, I grabbed my towel and started to clean up. Do you mind if I taste it? She asked. Sure I said. She stood up and sat next to me while she reached out and gave me a stroke. Collecting my cum on her fingers she licked them and said you taste good. Seeing her boobs up close she said you can taste me if you'd like. Putting my hand against her pussy I rubbed my fingers down her slit and put them in my mouth. Tasting her I wanted more but she stood up and said we should go back. Watching her ass she said but not before we skinny dip. Jumping in after her we hugged before getting out and she said thank you for today.

11 months ago

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    • Did you manage to fuck her enentually?

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