A lot older

Started having massive arguments with my gf she suggested we have a break for a few weeks and see how we both think and feel.
I started going out a lot more drinking with some friends I was loving the single life, I was a bit drunk at this bar and started dancing with this woman, she was a lot older, both groping each other I’m licking her face then kissing.
I’m now horny as fuck she’s trying to grab my crotch, next I’m telling my mates I’m of and got a cab back to her place and had a good fucking session.
I’ve been fucking this old girl for 3 weeks now and loving it now my gf is wanting us to try again saying the break has given her time to think straight.
Problem is I’m not wanting to give up the old girl the sex is that good she cums when I’m pumping her and I still don’t know how old she is

1 month ago

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    • Only reason she wants you back is cuz you don't give a shit about her anymore. lesson 1: act like you don't give a shit about them, even if you do.

    • Well first you were not the only one fucking. Your girl got some other cock that's for sure. I say move on bro keep fucking the older one and get more strange. Your ex ain't worth it someone shot there seed on her already . Just saying from experience.

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