I want you so bad

I met you when I was 16 and only saw you that day, but I fell in love with you. I thought about you everyday. I didn't see you again until I was 20, we smoked a joint and made out a little. I woke you up in the middle of the night by kissing you as you slept on the couch. You kissed me back and we moved to the floor. I felt you up and sucked your titties. I took off your shorts and was about to slip off your panties and finally eat that pussy, but was spooked by hearing someone get up to use the bathroom. I don't even know you but 30 years later I still think about you all the time. I still love you.

4 days ago


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    • You came on to me pretty strong that day we met, but I was 16, a virgin, and hadn't even made out with a girl yet and was just too nervous, too inexperienced to make a move. When I finally saw you again when I was 20 I finally had the nerve to try something, I asked you to go with me to buy a pack of cigarettes, but it was YOU who finally came on to me, then all we did was make out a little, I was too scared to go any further in the car. I can't believe I was actually about to eat that pussy when I woke you up on the couch...but I got spooked. I still remember what you said: "You're not gonna fuck me now?!" I wish I wasn't so spooked that night, I wish I would've eaten that sweet little pussy and fucked you. I still fantasize about you, I imagine taking you into one of the bedrooms in the house, away from everyone else at the BBQ and slipping off your little shorts and panties and licking that sweet little pussy. I love you.

    • Young, unrequited love has a lousy shelf life. Oh, and at some point you should've asked her name.

    • When I said "I don't even know you" I didn't mean I didn't ask her name, I know her name. I know her first and last name, I know her family, I just don't know her, I only spoke to her that day I met her and the time I saw her four years later. It's now been 34 years since I met her, 30 years since we last saw each other, and I still want to eat that pussy.

    • Okay, I understand. And, I'm wrong, desire has a very long shelf life, and often is worthy of pursuit.

    • Nah, she's my cousin. I'm assuming she'd be down, but everyone else in the family would freak out...especially my wife and her husband (I assume she's married, I'm not close with my family)

    • I know her name

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