My Friend Needs A Bra

My friend has nipple slips all the time. She’s black, beautiful, petite, but her boobs are always exposed. She once wore a sweater that had a deep v cut in the front AND back and it literally fell straight down off her shoulders leaving her little hooters out. If anyone has ever seen the pornstar Demi sutra, that’s exactly how her tits look. Small b cup tits with perky nipples. She of course was embarrassed and covered back up.
Another time she wore a thin white shirt and it rained on us. Her shirt was entirely see through. I didn’t know how to tell her that her tits were completely exposed again. She got all types of stares that day. Finally I told her and she got angry that I didn’t tell her sooner.
The last time, her and her best friend wore matching tops to an art festival. They both had crop tops that showed underboob. Her best friend is black, lightskinned, cute, with big tits and huge nipples. Her shirt rose up on her because it was too small and both of her tits were out. I couldn’t believe that her tits were completely out. Then I noticed my friends little b cup titties hanging out too. They were talking to two men at the time who were definitely looking at their tits. Their boobs were popping out of those shirts that entire day. I didn’t say anything to her best friend, but I told my friend that little boobs need bras too.

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  • I would have loved to have seen your friend in the wet white shirt!

  • I saw an ebony in a wet white shirt once and it was HOT. There nipples are so dark that it’s much more visible.

  • Those areolas are nice and dark too.

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