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I want to start a support group for other fit, attractive men like myself. A group that meets in church basements, recreation centers, VFW posts and other places that support groups meet. The men in this group would sit in folding chairs in circles and in church pews or wherever and confess to each other what they fantasize about: wife's little sister, teen girl next door, young guy at work, whatever. We'd sit around and listen to all the things our brothers have to confess makes them horny and the fantasies they have. Sometimes we'll pair up and jack each other off, sometimes we'll end up everyone sucking and stroking everyone, some fucking others just sucking, some sucking while simultaneously getting fucked, but most of the time we'll probably just all jack off together. I can't wait to start the founding chapter here in my little town.

4 days ago

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    • I'd go to those meetings!

    • LOL ! Good luck in doing that in church pews, basements, or VFW posts. Perhaps the storeroom of an adult bookstore, or, the banquet room of a gay club would better suit your needs ?

    • I spent 20 years in the military, you'd be amazed at how many masculine, tough, straight guys end up actually being gay, bi, or bi-curious. I'm bi, I have sucked off, jacked off, fucked, and have been fucked by many "straight" married guys like myself. And men have been having sex inside church buildings since forever lol

    • Assuming ( actually, hoping ) that you're not talking about priests diddling young boys, or, girls, or a drill instructor taking liberties by virtue of rank, lets get back to the subject. The post is about a support group for unfulfilled , horny men, that degenerates into a circle jerk. Or, maybe inspires one. I'm not slamming anybody's sexuality, or even questioning it, I just question the venues where the OP would like to have his meetings.

    • No, I wasn't even thinking about the scandals with kids, just that religious folk have been fucking and sucking, even gay, even inside church buildings, even Christian sects, since the founding of religion.

    • Yes, the whole Judeo-Christian approach to sex is laughable. They inspire as much guilt as possible, then, molest, fondle, and fuck their flock. I hope the original poster holds his meetings in the Houses of the Horny, and leave scummy tissues.

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