I have always love to do it

I knew from the very first time I even smelled worn panties that I wanted to dive into a pussy tongue first. I had two older sisters, one two years and the other about three and half years older and when I was around ten years old I was grabbing their panties anytime I could. The younger one came into my room unannounced one time and caught me with two pair of them but did not have the reaction I thought she would given I had a pair of hers. She asked me why I was smelling them and I told her that it just smelled incredible to me and I loved it. She seemed a bit confused but curious then offered something that practically caused my head to explode, she sat up on my bed and spread her legs out and asked me if I wanted to smell her. I was staring right at the source covered with a little flower pattern. Her dress pulled up by her and inviting me to put my nose right to her. I leaned down and pressed my nose against the fabric and inhaled, my god it was incredible as I stayed there for at least ten seconds just taking it all into my nostrils. When I stood back up she asked me why it was so great then slid her hand under her panties and brought it up to her nose. She looked at me and asked You really like how that smells?
I stared at her and asked if she would let me pull her panties to the side and smell her vagina. She just told me sure and said she did not see the big deal and I just about creamed myself. She pulled her dress back up and slide a finger down the side and pulled them over exposing herself. I leaned down and pressed my nose right on her incredible smelling pussy and thought I went to heaven. I told her thank you a hundred times and she told me sure anytime like it was nothing at all. The next day when she got home from school I asked her if she would let me do it again with one more request. She was staring at me and told me sure but what else are you wanting to do. I want to sit on my bed and you just pull your dress up and sit right on my face. She rolled her nose up a bit and told me really, you want me to do that and just shrugged and told me okay if that is what you want me to do. She climbed up on top of me and looked back asking me if this was how I wanted her to do it, she was wearing a solid colored pair and I could see a damp area right in the middle and I told her yes, just set yourself right down. I opened my mouth and the wet spot landed right on my nose as the her weight settled down I could feel my nose pressing right up into her a bit. She did this for about three seconds then says well yesterday I pulled them to the side and she lifted herself up, slid her panties to the side and set her pussy right on my lips and nose. I started getting hard instantly. I just started sticking my tongue out against her and she popped herself up and asked what I was doing because it felt funny. I told her that I wanted to lick her and she gave me another really look then settled back down as I began seriously licking my first pussy ever and I was not even twelve yet.

1.1 years ago

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    • I know every word is true because it happened to me and now I abduct children and make them lick my pussy

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