Wife had a secret

My wife and I have been married for about five years now and we have a really active sex life filled with adventures. We have done a lot of different things, some were my ideas but after I told her a few of my fantasies she started telling me some of hers.
I had told her a few times that I would love to come home from work and find that she had tied herself up. My big fantasy was that she was so into it that she would do that for me. Nothing had happened though and so I pretty much just let it go. I came home though about three months ago and as I reached the area between the living room and kitchen I was shocked to see her stretched out over the coffee table. She was not naked but very exposed with the way her clothes were pulled up and torn. She always wears stretchy yoga pants and they were torn open, her top was pulled up over her head with her bra ripped in the center and pulled back to the sides. My arousal turned to fear seeing her like this but she was not crying out or anything. Her arms were tied together at her wrists and pulled over the edge of the table at her elbows. Her legs were bound with her ankles tied to her thighs and her knees tied down to the table legs spreading her out. I asked her what happened and got no response so I walked over to her quickly and pulled the shirt down off her face. Her eyes were looking at me and she looked really happy that she had worried me but she could not talk because her mouth was wide open with a ring gag. She had planned the whole thing and wanted to scare me, I ran my fingers over her armpit and made her squeal with laughter.
I stood back up after pulling the shirt back over her face and watched her hips wiggle around a little bit, she was tied pretty well and I could not help but think that she had help. I mean just her legs tied like they were would be really hard to do by herself and the rope securing her wrists was wrapped around them. I played with her nipples, tickling and flicking them around a little to make her squirm some more. I ran my fingers down her torso ticking her all the way to her clit, I then noticed that she was not just turned on a little bit. Her lips were red and swollen like they were after a really good licking and sucking, she was really wet as well and her lips and upper thighs had wet areas on them. She not only had someone tie her up but they played with her and probably gave her an orgasm. I lifted her shirt back up and looked down at her, I asked her who she had help her out with this set up and was she expecting them to play with her afterwards. She just looked up at me and her eyes gave me more smiles. I leaned down and started to kiss her lips but noticed a scent, I put my nose right to her lips and face. I smelled the scent of pussy, it was either hers that had been put on her or someone elses from sitting on her face. I looked around for some other sign like lip stick or anything but did not find any. I decided that I was horny anyways and got myself positioned between her legs for a nice pussy licking, after all it was early and I had hours.
She was moaning out from her third orgasm, her nipples were hard as ever pointing straight out begging to be licked and sucked. I walked around to her head and pulled the shirt back, she was looking up and my cock and balls. I lowered myself down and ran the head around her lips. I did not want to gag her, she has never really deep throated me or anything like that so I was just going to let her work her tongue around the head for a bit then untie her.
She was doing a great job wetting my cock up so I entered her mouth a little but with the ring gag in her mouth she could not suck on me very well and I really enjoy that so I decided to remove it. I started trying to figure out how to undo it and she was uttering what sounded like a no. I undid anyways and pulled it out, she stretched her jaw around some then told me that she wanted me to make her suck and that is why she had it in her mouth. I looked down at her and told her that I did not want to gag her so that is why I took it out, she told me to put it back in and make her gag then pull out and cum on her face.
I was really surprised because she never did that before, I was kind of turned on a little more by her enthusiasm and put the gag back into her mouth then secured it behind her head. I started sliding across her tongue again and she tilted her head back as I was doing so, I slid myself in deeper with short strokes but so far she was doing great with it. She was really excited and breathing hard, I was going in as far as I wanted to and could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her mouth. She had not gagged at all and in fact was swallowing when I would go inward. I slowed down a little bit and pushed deeper a few times, she moaned out but did not move around much at all like she did not like it. I could feel my balls hitting her nose so I knew I was getting pretty far inside her mouth as my head started getting constricted some. I finally reached a point where my base was hitting the gag and bottoming out, I do not have an exceptionally long cock at about six inches but she has always told me it is wide.
I was ready to cum with only going all the way into her a few times so I pulled out and grabbed my cock stroking my cum out onto her face. She loved it moaning out the whole time and even sticking her tongue out trying to lick around her lips. I was done and I squeezed out the last of it into her mouth then stuck my cock back in for a few good dips across her tongue. She was moaning out and licking my cock with intensity so I started going in further and buried it all the way down slowly. I felt my balls separating across her nose and I could feel her throat swallowing and squeezing my head over and over. I pulled back out and she breathed in hard moaning out, my cum was running down the sides of her face and her eyes were wide with excitement. I told her that she was incredible and went into the kitchen to get a towel. I removed the gag and wiped her face off, she told me that she was so turned on by all of this and we had to do this again for sure. She was still tied up and I could not resist a good tickle session, I rolled the towel up and stuck it under her ass cheeks and pulled it up onto her pussy. I began to tickle her ribs and she knew why the towel was there now, she squirmed and fought it but after a few minutes I saw a squirt or two hit the towel. She would wiggle and squirm when tickled and could not help the occasional squirt of pee, I always thought it was a huge turn on. She was begging me to stop so I did and untied her.
I cannot wait for the next time and she has not given in and told me who helped her last time but I really do not care about it because we had so much fun.

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