A panty lovers dream

The following is a true story. I had met up with my birth mom for lunch one afternoon. It was nice to see her and we had a fun time catching up. My mom is 36 and Hispanic. She loved to workout and had a boob job from a previous relationship. She had on a yellow sundress that showed a little cleavage and hugged her toned ass. Seeing what we wanted to do after she wanted to go to the mall. Driving over we listen to music and sang in the car. Walking into the mall my mom saw a Victoria Secret sale sign. She said she wanted to check it out since it had been a while from the last time she got new stuff. Going in it felt awkward being the only guy in the store. My mom quickly went to the bra table and found a cute push up bra. The assistant came over and started talking to her and about her cup size. Trying not to pay attention my mom played with her bra she had on. The assistant gave her a few other bras and she went to the dressing room. After a few minutes she came back out and asked if I could hold on to one for a second. I followed her to the panties section were she started to dig through the pile. Standing behind my mom I took a quick glance at her ass and imagined what panties she would have on already. My mom turned around and asked what I thought of a few she had. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend and asked if I could hold on to her bag. Holding her bag I wished I could go into the dressing room with her. Thinking of her lifting up her dress while bending over and sliding her thong down her ass. Remembering what her ass looked like in a bikini I wanted to see it bare again. Dreaming of what her pussy looked like I started to get hard. Feeling her phone ringing I reached in her purse to find it when I grabbed something soft. Opening her bag I saw a small yellow thong wrapped up. Looking up I moved away from the tables and went to the corner of the store. Reaching in I felt the warmth of the panties. Feeling the fabric that had been close to my mom's pussy I opened them up. I could make out an outline of slightly yellowed area in the crotch. Quickly looking around no one was close by. Waiting for years to finally smell my mom's forbidden fragrance I lifted them to my nose. Breathing in I was hit with sweet coconut. Her body wash no doubt followed by a light hint of urine that wasn't over powering. Letting out and taking another breath I got what I wanted. Her musty sent of pussy filled my nose. Wishing my head was between her legs and enjoying the real thing this was as close as I would get. Pulling them away and putting them back I needed to cum. Just then my mom came out and found me. She asked for her bag and wanted to try on a few more pairs. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and she said she would be here. Going into the stall I wasted no time trying to remember her scent and thought of her panties rubbing against my cock. I started to cum hard and shot my load into the toilet. Cleaning up and heading back my mom was checking out and was ready to leave. Getting into her truck she set her bag down and we started to head to my car. Her phone went off and she asked if I could see who it was. Grabbing her phone out I saw her panties were gone. It's John I said. My mom said just text him back that I'll be home in an hour. Opening her text I saw the pictures to John of my mom. Turning her phone away I scrolled up and found what I was looking for. A nude selfie of my mom bent over with her pussy exposed taken in the dressing rooms mirror. Texting John I stared at my mom's shaved tight lips wanting to taste them.

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