My free night part 1

She told me that she wanted me to do something to her that I had never done before sexually. She told me that she wanted me to explore a fantasy, something that I have ever thought of doing but figured she would say no.
She is pretty flexible so I tied her so that her legs were spread and back, her knees were nearly on the floor, legs bent. Her arms were bound to her sides and I blindfolded her. I then put head phones on her so that she could only hear music, she was immobile, blind and deaf to all around her but I definitely wanted to hear her moan, laugh and scream out her orgasms.
I started out masturbating her, light rubbing her clit with my finger, she was already wet and I had barely played with her. Our dog came over and I looked at him for a moment then I got a really bad idea. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the peanut butter but when I got back he was already licking her. He was licking her in long strokes just sort of leisurely lapping up her wetness but soon his nose was pushing on her clit and his tongue was diving into her lips. He kept this up for quite some time so I just sat back and watched to see just what he would do with this new found taste. He was teasing her like crazy because she loves direct clitoral licking but instead his nose was just rubbing it now and then while he devoured her juices. I reached out and began playing with her nipples getting them very erect and tickling them, again she loves it when they are sucked on and licked hard so lightly caressing them was frustrating for her.
Her pussy was drenched after about twenty minutes of his oral, there was drip trails running down her cheeks and the front of his face was soaked but he never let up getting a taste of her. He would stop and pant for a few seconds but then dive right back into her.
She finally had an orgasm, crying out oh my god about a dozen times while he worked his tongue and nose all over her clit. She moaned out how good it felt and how she had never been teased so much to orgasm. He was still going at it though, her body twitching with every lick and a little change in her moan with his strokes. All told he licked her for about an hour and with some help from my fingers we gave her another two orgasms.
I really wanted to blow her mind so I lowered my cock to her mouth and she sucked me in pulling hard on the head of it. She was moaning out and hungrily sucking on me while I slow thrusted in and out. He finally stopped licking her and I looked down at her soaked pussy, lips swollen, her clit so exposed and red. I started tapping on it with a finger just teasing her more and more while she worked her lips and tongue on my cock. I could not hold back anymore and came, her lips and tongue kept on sucking and licking while I myself began pulsating. I watched him walk right back up to her and start licking again, her initial moan out loud while my cock filled her mouth was so erotic. I stood back up watching him devouring her pussy again, her moaning out that my tongue was so fantastic gave me another idea but I had no idea how she would react watching our dog lick her. I wanted to see the look in her eyes though as she realized what was giving her such intense teasing.
I grabbed a pillow from the couch and propped her head up, he was intensely licking her again, nose buried and tongue working hard. she was letting out little gasps with her moans when I lifted the blindfold off her eyes they went wide then after a few seconds she said that she could not believe how good this felt. She stared down at him, body pulsating with his tongue and nose working it hard into her.
She had another long moaning, deep breathing orgasm and I decided that she probably needed him to stop now so I pulled him back and put him outside. I came back to her and she was still breathing pretty good and telling me that it was an incredible time having him lick her. I knelt down and started rubbing my cock across her pussy lips, it was like sliding across water and dipping into her felt like soft wet goodness. I got hard quickly and soon I was filling her deeply and pounding her hard. I love to watch her breasts flow when I push into her, nipples bouncing back and forth. Her breathing was picking up again then she asked me if I thought he would mount her. I looked down at her and asked her if she wanted to try it, she said yes and so after I came I untied her and we let him back inside.

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