My best friend dad

I have a good first experience story i would like tp share with you, my best friend who i used to go sleep overnight at lived in the outer area of a small town and they are not close to anything within a few minutes drive, so anyway i used to like sleeping there and me and my friend would play games all night and we actually played a little together but nothing that os close to what i wanted to do with him ;) we used to give each other back rubs and i know we would give each other hard ons but we both didn't make a move till later on in the years. Ok so after a pretty big fight we had i slept downstairs on the couch where he dad usaly always passed out drunk or something watching tv. But i didn't want to be around my friend who tried making me leave that night but he knew his dad wouldn't drive me until the morning so i just slept on the opposite side then his big dad was sitting on he passed out wich was something we were used to. Lol we actually commented on his bulge almost lookin like it semi hard amd he was like oh gross that is my dad lol he even said i liked him i laugh amd said i was sacred of him, but he was a bigger man but soft and gentle and he actually was very nice and i probably did have a crush on him soo he was sleeping and i was laying on the couch with my head on the opposite side and he was sitting on the edge of the other end and he was pretty big chubby hairy guy but i think he was kind of good looking pretty handsome maybe because i seen his dick bulging in his briefs many times past out on his couch somtimes i even caught his hand on his dick when he fell asleep playing most likely i thought about that more often how he would feel or what i would do if he ever asked me to taste his cock. So anyway i fell asleep and when i woke up my head was on his leg must of tossed or he pulled me and i didn't wake up but when i woke his cock was out his briefs and my head was on his lap and he wasn't up but he was half asleep and half trying to make his dick better confertable i guess and it was turning me on very much. So he started to moan and i reached over trying to move his dick back inside his boxers but when i did he put his hand on my head and moaning said oh babe as his dick is now touching my face and it smells so much like mine did it was so intoxicating i was hard dripping precum when i thought what it would taste like would he freak if i woke him up and i was touching it or worse suckin it. But i let it stay on my face and moved my mouth on it after about a good 5 minutes it was so good he had a really thick dick like it was not big maybe 5 inches but fuck was it thick like i could look at it for hours it was a sexy as fuck lookin cock wich i wanted now that its touching my lips and he is moving amd moaning probably thinking im his ex wife. He hasn't been with anyone in years so i felt bad about his dick not getting the attention it deserves so i took it in my mouth slowly u felt it soft and warm sweet precum touching my tongue which tastes amazing it was so sweet my body became so hot and warm feeling rushed through my whole body and i badly want to taste him more than im doing so much vut scared he gets mad at me if he wakes up and he fucken started waking up as his dick is slowly sliding in my mouth with my lips opening his for skin as my tongue is about to touch his throbbing big mushroom head and he says oh God Son you want this dick this much i wish you did this sooner as i stopped shocked and said im sorry he lost it and said oh hey don't stop i promise i want you on it just as much he saidmy mouth feels amazing and he's never gonna tell my best friend if i keep suckin his dick... Now im fucken crazy excited about it im going to suck my best friend who im fighting with and im going to give gis dad the best head his ever had. So i straight up start rubbing my friend dads legs as my mouth is on his cock and his face is so happy he's got my 17 year old mouth on his dick qnd im looking up at his face to see if im doing it good he dick tasted fucken amazing hahah he kind of laughed at the sound i made when i could fully taste his cock he said dam boy you love my daddy dick don't you.. Oh fuck yeah i told him as i tryed for a while to suck it without gagging too much but he taught me how to do it eventually so he's real good now im really loving his dick slowly sliding in my mouth as his hands rub my head and my face and i used my hands to massage his legs and i suckin him hands free as he's moaning so much he is really really really turning me on i was like how is this feeling so normal and perfect i don't think i will ever want to stop suckin his cock after this. So he grabbed my face and gentlely brings me up to taste him self from my lips and i said i love how good he dick tasted he said it mine anytime i laughs and said how about all night he said please don't tease me i kisses him and say oh daddys dick is alll mine now as i got back down and made his eyes roll back as i slipped his throbbing cock in my mouth as deep as ot goes as hr says i love you right now boy. I moaned and said mmmmmm as i tease his dick so much i feel like we fell in love with each other that night. I think i sucked his beauty of a dick for a hour at least until he couldn't take it anymore and brings my to his room in the basement i figured so he wouldn't wake his son and i said oh God i think i will want to suck his dick every day ha said your mine now babe and locked his door as he pulled me in to his bed as ge lated down and asked if i wanted to keep suckin him i laughed and said i don't really want to stop and he got turned on and let me suck it slowly as he did not want me going too fast so he would not cum in my mouth and right away he said i was going to suck it a lot and i said please do it as we're both talking dirty turning each other on so he put me on my back and getting on top of me so ge could suck my dick and i said he feels so good to me as he tasted my precum and took me all in his mouth as his dick is right in my face i let it slide in my mouth and i could leave his dick down my throat like this for a good minute hes dick curves down my throat just right i wanted it to stay in my mouth as his suckin my dick so good im telling him to skow down or im going to cum and he slowed down and waited till i regatherud my self and im saying oh my God i love his cock and we slowly make love to every part of our private area and im thinking im so gay for his dick i want him to be my best friend now oh gawd he's dick tasted fucken amazing i love it so much and i said i want him to try Cummin as i can't hold it in anymore and he bursts a big load and i came with him and i couldn't think of anything but this was the most amazing feeling I've ever had and i swallowed his whole load and ge did mine and he said i love it babe your mine now i hope you keep this our secret and i said yes daddy his my daddy dick and i will love pleasing him. Wow eh this is so fucken sexy i let him give me a kiss and i asked if i could keep suckin his dick if i go slowly he said i was a dream come true and i worship his dick for the next 4 hours making love as he keeps saying oh god oh baby fuck ya and im loving every single moan he let out as ge legs shake and he squirming at how much i want to keep suckin his dick..... Let's just say i used to sleep over and eventually my friend and i sucked each other but he got scared he loved my dick so much that i was making him gay but i still go suck and do so much with his dad who im in love with and his dick is fucken amazing and i loved how loving his dick was i let him make me get on it and slowly slid him inside me i turned fully gay for his cock that moment i love him so much i would make love with his dick and ride it for hours and hours of felt like days we didn't get dressed much and i loved his dick so good he and i will ve moving together soon as i am moving in with his sexy ass.... Xoxoxo

11 months ago

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    • You could tell the writer got excited when telling the story from the messy words haha I like it

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