An Mature Black Man

I am a mature, seasoned, elderly black man. I am retired but my wife still works. When she leaves the house in the morning all dolled up I actually fantasize about her having sex with other guys. Sometimes the fantasy gets so overwhelming until I have to masturbate just to relieve myself.
We no longer have sex but I have made it very clear to her that I am ok with her having sex with other people, as long as she introduce me to them and occasionally allow me to watch.
At first she was uncomfortable with the idea of having sex with other people. Especially right in front of me, but once I convinced her that I was impotent, which I by the way am not. It’s just that with all the masturbating I have lost interest in what society considers as “normal sex “.
After she took my offer into consideration, she realized that a threesome with another guy snd me present was pretty much the same thing as having sex with me.
Once we chose a particular guy who we met on vacation, we made arrangement for a threesome. I deliberately left the two of them together alone so they could have time to get familiar with each other. It was such a turn on to me to know that my elderly yet sexy wife was willing to be a Grannie Slut for me.
I know people would consider me to be a cuckold husband but after all the years that we have been together I just came to the realization that we both needed some extra excitement in our lives. My wife dating other men with me knowing it has added to our intimacy. After being used my other guys, I give her the after care that she deserves and obviously appreciate

1 month ago

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    • Nice. I wish you lived near me.

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