Both wife/husband

Hi I’m 18 in a relasionship but I have a fantasy where I would meet an older couple40+, after drinks one thing would lead to another and the husband would allow me to fuck his wife in their bed, I would constantly talk to the husband and take instructions from him while I eagerly pound his wife (I’ve always admired attractive older ladies)

afterwards I would sit between them in bed while they both stroke and worship my twitching cock and balls

9 months ago

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    • I love married women in there late fifties but when your 18 iv all ways found the nice ones treat my attempts to get there pants of with amusement or contempt ,and they see right though compliments leaving me a frustrated wreck.Still that will teach me for daring to experience the pure heaven it was fully up the one who did let me, and knowing id made her come.I doubt very much if her husband would have wanted to watch or join it.

    • I would love to play with another man with my wife, but she's not cool with any of it

    • What big city is your Airbnb located , hope it's close to nyc

    • Hey buddy, cb here

    • Hey cb , how's it going , it's been a while , nyc

    • We have a house in an historic neighborhood in a big city and When we opened our guest house in the backyard as an Airbnb I didn’t know it would lead to my wife having sex with strangers. She books the guests and tends to book men traveling alone a lot. These men are usually traveling for business, some for pleasure. My wife always make it a point to check on the guest, bringing some refreshments and sometimes a bottle of wine. The first time it happened, While I was at work she got friendly with a man, when I came home they were on the back patio talking and carrying on. She’s 43, he was 24. She was in yoga pants and a tight tank top. I told her when she came in that he was checking her out, she was naughty to tease him with her tight tank top and yoga pants. She said no, why would a young man want her. I said you’re crazy, he would love to have sex with you. Later that night, after a few glasses of wine, we went to bed and she was wearing a Lacy night gown. I told her to go check on him dressed in her lingerie. She laughed and said should I? I said yes, invite yourself in and let him go as far as he wants, don’t hold back. She went over, I watched as he opened the door and let her in. She came back to the main house about an hour later. They had sex, no condom, and she was ready to tell me about it and have sex with me. Since then, she’s done it with 5 other guys. Same thing, she flaunts in front of them very friendly conversations then at night goes over to say good night and comes back full of cum.

    • Love to hear more about the two of you and what happens do you like to chat about it record674 @

    • Last night we had a guy as a guest, very y’all and about 28. She’s 43. She went over, same drill, very friendly and wearing revealing house clothes. The chatted on the porch in the afternoon and last night she went over to offer him a drink and check on him. When she went in I went around the side of the guest house and watched through the window. They started sitting and talking, she had no bra and a white tank top and shorts. She leaned in and touched his thigh and left it there, he held her hand, the made out and she went down on him sitting on the sofa. This guy had a huge one, I figured he might because he was I’m guessing 6’4”, she’s only 5’1”. She was bobbing her head up and down and sucking his balls. It looked huge in her small hand. They went to the bed and he went down on her then got on top and she orgasmed with him twice. He came in her and she stayed the night with him. I went back to the house thinking she would return but she didn’t. I peeked later and they were asleep. She came back this morning and they had sex again in the morning and showered together. She said it was the beat sex of her life.

    • When I was 20 I rented a couple of rooms in a large house. The owners were a retired couple who lived in the rest of the house. Both were great people and she was quite slim and attractive. To cut the story short, within a month we were having regular threesomes. Usually on a Saturday night, all naked, a few drinks and he would fuck her while I watched. He never lasted that long and once he had finished and pulled out I would immediately take his place. sliding into her sticky pussy and giving her a longer fuck and a second load of cum. I often had one-on-one with her during the week if he was away where she would do more. She never gave me a blow job during our threesomes but she did when alone. After around six months I got a new job in another part of the country so my threesomes with then came to an end but I remember them fondly.

    • Dude same!

    • Our 20yo neighbour has regular sex with my 52yo wife, in front of me & sometimes brings a friend.

    • Are you my husband?

    • Nice

    • When my wife told me her fantasy of having two guys suck on her boobs at the same time and one guy go down on her while she sucks another, we figured a young guy is the way to go. We fulfilled her fantasies with a 20 year old waiter. He ended up having sex with her after she blew him, and he loved it, so did she. It was so hot watching her suck his cock, like no one had ever done to him before. She even let him do her in the butt because he had never done that either. He never had sex without a condom and my wife was his first .

    • Lots of milfs want to be banged by a young guy. My wife does. If you don’t mind some loose vag

    • Go to college and hit on the MILFs. That kind of scenario happened a lot to me when I was in college.

    • You already mentioned this a couple times now.

    • How boring.

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