BBC cheating

Long time ago my girlfriend at the time now my wife for 20 years. Cheated on me with a black guy . She was older then him and I both me and him 20 and her 25. Anyways we split up and I know she was fucking him for a few months and I was fucking her on the side bareback. For some reason it turn me on now knowing she was getting some bbc I know his cock was bigger then mine cause she started walking funny after she was fucking him. I want to ask her if she blew him would I be wrong asking her.

2 months ago

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    • You should ask! My wife LOVES telling me about all her past sex, especially if the guy was especially big or kinky.

    • As long as it doesn't bother you. Let her keep fucking him. My wife has been fucking black guys for years. As long as she's happy so am i.

    • Think I need to let her smoke some bud then ask her . So I can check between her legs see if she wet after telling me.

    • Seen this story written 3 times now

    • Why not? She is your wife, and might enjoy reminiscing.

    • Go for it. My wife tells me everything when she gets fucked by both white and black guys.

    • Why not ask her to reconnect with him

    • I doubt he the fit guy she was attracted to back then. Also not that I want her to reconnect. It happened so ling ago it don't bother. Beside fuck I slept with about 75 chicks in are marriage

    • I have experienced the very same thing. i was at first heart broken but when i got use to the idea i begin to think about it enough so as not to bother me at all, i got my wife back because i could offer a much better life style and by telling her to continue to fuck her boyfriend. i got her to always take a picture or two and seen me. we have much better sex now it turns me on to talk about it while we are having sex.

    • No we split up she wanted space I was cool with it . Was young I was fucking other chicks before you know it she came looking for me would fill her up with cum and down her throat knowing she was going to go see him. Few years later we hooked up had a kid got married over 20 years now. But for some reason gets me looking at bbc cheating chicks .

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