Brother visit

My brother stayed for 6 days, it was lovely to see him again, we’ve not seen each other for over 2 years.
He lives the other side of the country so he has no network of friends here only me and my husband.
We spent the first 2 days together, showing him about, eating out and catching up on old times.
He asked where’s good to go for a drink, he was wanting to give us some space and go and have a few drinks, in my head I was saying no stay here, husband is a bit boring.
He returned home gone 2am with a girl, how did I know this, I think half the street knew, the noise the girl was making was unreal, sounded like the most over exaggerated porn sex scene ever, she was screaming, puffing and panting, shouting oh oh yes yes and so on.
My husband and I just looked at each other, both of us commented about he must be doing a good job, she is enjoying herself, the noise went on for about an hour.
Eventually went back to sleep, 7.30am yes yes yes again keep doing it, oh oh, he’s at it again, this time it was about 15 minutes.
Husband and I are now up dressed and in the kitchen, he comes in saying hello and starts making two drinks, how was last night I said, yeah ok he said, my husband said from what we heard it sounded better then ok, oh sorry hope I didn’t wake you, he collected the drinks and went upstairs.
Can only have been 30 minutes and he’s at it again, we can now hear the bed pushing against the wall.
This girl stayed for 3 days and he was at it so many times!
The next night I didn’t see my brother, didn’t return till 8am next morning.
He spent most of the day with us before leaving for his flight home.
What a life some people have.

11 months ago

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