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All of the women that I have ever had sex with had sex with several guys before me. All of them had sex with more partners than me including my wife. I have had sex with six women including my wife and she has had sex with over 30 men.

11 months ago

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    • I am happy that I married a woman with a lot of experience. She very open minded and a free spirit. She married me for love. Any other guys she has fucked is just for the sex.i never had a problem with how many guys she has been with. I have even met a few guys that have been with her. I am secure in my manhood and I know that she loves me. It's just sex and life goes on. I let her experience what it's like being with other men. She always comes home to me.

    • This inequality is actually proving to me very normal of todays attractive, sexually active adults. In years past, it may have seemed that men went after women and few women put out until marriage. Now women are pursued when young by wealthy and fit and connections are a phone app away. I lost my V right after college at 22. My wife was my fourth and I married her when I was 24.

      My wife will not say which number I am but I know she became orally sexually active at 15 and lost her V at 17. I know one of her previous boyfriends used to 'share' her with his friends and pull trains on her. At first it was just to help them lose their V-cards but after that it was just for fun.

      I know when I met her, she was already dating a guy from church that her parents were pushing on her, a married guy from work that she was stringing along to help her carrier and a guy she met in college. So just from what I know of her past, I know her number is much higher than mine. It used to bother me but now I know, for attractive females, that is more normal than we might think

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