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I am a newly wed man that loves his wife very much. But I should have asked more questions before getting married because I'm now torn in feelings towards certain things. When we got home after an amazing sex filled honeymoon I asked my wife how many men she has been with and what all sexually has she done. Her answers were tearing threw me like a chain saw. She answered that she's had dozens of men and done almost everything you can think of including multiple men at the same time. Now I lay in bed wondering if I even rank in the top 10 or what. The thought of her being with all those men and doing all the crazy sex things does two things to me worries me and I have to honest it also excites me. Now what do I do ?

4.5 years ago

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    • As someone who has been married over 26 years, communication is important. Tell her your fears. She must like something about you are she would've stayed single and kept at it. Be honest with how you feel except for the being excited part. Don't ever tell her that. If you say that she will never forget it and at some point might try to get you to do weird stuff or allow her to. Threesomes, swinging, and cuckholding are horrible in that sooner or later the person having sex finds someone better and leaves the spouse. Tell her your fears and see if she can make you feel better. Good luck and stay faithful.

    • Just chill. I can tell you that it happens to most of us. I came to kno on honeymoon nite that my wife had been pregnant twice before our marriage. She was quick in going into relationships. She was very popular among the men as she dressed sexy in her office or party with no underwears. Having talked about her dressing sexy, once she flashed her gorgeous privates without the cover on in a night club & was drugged & gangbanged by some of her ex colleague. Yes she was bold enough to admit that she wanted it to happen that way. The worst part is that she got pregnant once by her own brother. He was her longest sex partner & her sex trainer before our marriage. But i kno this is all because her age at that time, she was more adventurous & wanted to get layed off. We all do such mistakes when young. It is just natural. I used to fantasize my mother & find an opportunity to take her to bed naked. I even filmed her naked without her knowledge & made her wear a very sexy lingerie gifted by me on her birthday. Yes it was awkward for her but she was very understanding & agreed to train me sexually. Infact i remember all those mondays after my school when mom & i used to sit on the couch & made her watch my favourite collection of porn movies, we always ended up on bed making our own incest porn. But as time passes by everything changes. Now if i ask my wife wear anything sexy she considers it way too naughty & laughs it off. If i tell her that i wanted her to see lying naked with her brother on bed with his cum all over her face, she says i m a pervert

    • Wow man thanks for telling me all that

    • Should have found this out before..I'm surprised you didn't. Still, it happens, and all you can do is find out what else she likes that you maybe didn't do on the honeymoon. Never stop learning.

      I was dating a woman for awhile, the sex was great, I thought I was doing it all for her..Then found out her ex, of several years ago, in her words was "the only one who really stayed with me, sexually". Not that she was slamming me, she admitted what we did was the best she'd had since, but..I knew, I was still not on par with whatever the hell her ex did with/to her. I got over it, figuring he's not around anymore, and I'm the one jumping on her, not him.

    • You married her because you loved her, and because you believed she loved you. If she wasn't satisfied with you sexually she probably wouldn't have married you. As for her sexual past, you're a moron to ask the question then be mad about her answer. She answered you truthfully and you can't take it. That's your problem, not hers. Grow up.

    • I'm in love with her, I have no intention of breaking up man it's just hard to stomach

    • Get over it. She's the same woman now as she was before you knew.

    • Deep throat her

    • Embrace it man invite some of your friends over and gangbang her, alot of men would kill to be in your position. Oh and I would love to see pics of her

    • Just not sure if I could handle watching her with others

    • Ask her what she likes the most sexually and then make a legitimate effort to be the best man in the known universe at that specific activity, as well as whatever other activities she has a particular interest in.
      Then you will know that it isn't your performance, or lack of skill (comparatively speaking) that is the issue.

    • Thanks man great ideas

    • One way to look at it is that now you know you have a sexually adventurous wife. It opens up new opportunities to try things in bed that will spice up your relationship.

    • You honestly think so , I don't know if I could go threw with that.

    • Don't worry about it. She wants you now. Sure, some guys out there gangbanged her, filled her with cum, and made her howl like a wild animal as she had multiple orgasms on their dicks, but she is in love with you now. Just be thankful that you found such a hot lady.

    • Lol not sure how to take that comment

    • Drop your jealousy and insecurities because that will never help your marriage, would you of preferred that she wasn't honest with you and lied. If you want to know the answer to that question, you better be ready for the answer. If she is good in bed now you know why, you can't hold it against her in the least. You married her without having that knowledge, and if you can't get over that she enjoyed her sex life before you, your selfish and insecure. Do you want to know how many men she has been with, to make some kind of judgment on her morality? Now that you have been given the answer, does that effect your love for her? It shouldn't. For better or worse, you know the vows you made. Sex doesn't equate to love, because she had sex with other men, you shouldn't be jealous. It's a for sure way to destroy your relationship. Were you a untouched pure virgin when she married you? If your number is less than hers, I'm sure it's not from lack of trying. You weren't as successful at getting laid as she was. Let it go and love her as she is.

    • I'm trying thanks dude

    • Are you for real? My ex-girlfriend once asked me how many women I had slept with and I answered truthfully, she got upset and gave me shit. I told her if she's so insecure that she's going to hold me accountable for my past experiences, she can pack her shit up, that was the end of that. You either need to accept she's got more sexual experience than you and enjoy it, or not waste each other's time and end it if you can't handle it, then you can marry a virgin and be miserable because sex will more than likely suck.

    • I'm trying to deal with it and I do love her, it was a giant surprise to me. We're working threw it

    • Kill yourself, kill her or fuck off

    • Wow

    • Just another cuck fantasy ,this is getting really boring!

    • Not fantasy but I can appreciate your opinion

    • LOL why the fuck did you ask if it was going to affect you like that then lol

      I havent asked how many men my wife fucked... like I have an idea but I dont care to know a specific number or care to know what they did to her. Not only because its in the past but because I really dont want to picture my wife getting fucked by another man, thats kind of a sick thought and I know there are a lot of sick weirdos on this website but I guess Im a more "normal" person and my wife is also a more "traditional" woman like she would shit if she knew I read this website sometimes

    • I don't even know why I feel that way, I haven't ever done anything like that before and we were just having a conversation in regards to our exes and she told me all that. I still love her Im just emotionally confused I think.

    • Lol my wife is also traditional man, like we only fuck missionary, doggie or her on top and always in the room... to be honest I dont mind shes pretty and soft and I cum really good when I fuck her but yeah we are not doing anything weird any time soon

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