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My buddy has shown me so pictures and videos of some slut ( his words ) that he has been fucking. He shows me more and more almost every day. He has never shown this girl's face. I think it's my wife but I am both afraid and nervous to find out for sure. How can I actually find out without them knowing ? The things I see him to to the girl are wicked nasty sex acts including anal. My wife has never let me do that to her. So many things are running threw my head.

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  • I set up a hidden camera in our bedroom and got the hard proof I needed.Also got good wanking material.

  • I would love for my wife to show me those sort of pics

  • ... wide open
    ... like some huge dude had been pounding her
    ... my dick just disappeared up her.

    Another cuckold is made. Hurrah!

  • Just like you! Yay!

  • I had suspected my wife was fucking some other guy and then started noticing the clues like she'd be severely wet sometimes before we fucked,not like horny wet,but slippery wet and lips wide open wet,like some huge dude had been pounding her and my dick just disappeared up her.Then came the checking her dirty knickers and there was the proof,the cum stains.But why oh why did I go down on her also and why the hell did I enjoy it? I must say it improved our sex life though.

  • I actually have noticed a few times that she was considerably wetter and tasted very salty. I haven't checked her panties or anything yet. Still not 💯 it's her in the videos and pictures they aren't crystal clear

  • If you’re into it, tell him you wish this woman was your wife.

  • Not sure how I feel about it yet

  • If you don't know your own wifes cunt its no wonder that she need s cock from someone .

  • BANG! You nailed that one. But then, this reminds me of some of those kinky Japanese game shows. It would be just like them to set up a partition with holes to expose breasts and butts [both sides], and let the guy try to pick out his wife. Thing is ... unless there are some obvious marks, picking out your wife from the three other women may not be so easy. If your wife's body type is matched against literally thousands of other applicants, you can expect that some will come very, very close to identical.

    Gotta hand it to those Japanese -- they must have some of the filthiest minds on the planet! LOL!

  • I have some with her face showing... Do you want to see some????

  • Yes

  • Put a couple of hicky marks on your wife and keep them going for a while. My wife has a few on her ass from me kissing and sucking on it, I even leave light teeth marks from nibbling a little. She loves all the attention and it stays on her for days.

  • Oh that's a great idea

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