Having a girls night in with drinks one asked what have you never told your husband.
When it was my turn I didn’t really have anything worth saying, I did have something to say but wasn’t going to tell.
Just before lockdown I was having work drinks at one of the director house, it was a lovely big house.
I knew a few faces as not everyone was from my place of work.
I was mainly chatting to Jenny who works on the third floor, she was getting chatted up by a guy from another company, the pair of them couldn’t keep their hands of each other.
Both of them kept on going outside them back in, Jenny then said quick come with me, we walked away from where everyone was, along a corridor to an open room with no door, the room had two sofa’s and a small table, Jenny said keep a watch out, Jenny lifted her dress up and the guy had unzipped himself, Jenny sat back on the sofa, the guy rested Jenny legs over his shoulders and started pumping away, I was supposed to be keeping watch but I couldn’t stop watching.
Watching live sex was breathtaking, the moans and groans as he continued thrusting in and out, he was really pushing hard into Jenny, Jenny then said go on do it do it inside me, the guy held deep inside Jenny, I could feel my heart beating and it wasn’t from maybe being caught, I was so hot and flushed from watching you would have thought I had just had sex.

1.1 years ago

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