Control freak

My wife is a control freak and OCD about everything but I wanted to see what would happen if she was pulled way out of her box. Our sex life is great although very vanilla, she enjoys oral and is always willing to give and receive but about the craziest she had done to this point was a sixty nine position. Afterwards she told me it was very hard to concentrate sucking on me while I was pleasuring her, she was on top and numerous times had stopped sucking while she had little orgasms or was just lost in pleasure.
I decided that I would tie her up and give her so much sexual pleasure to see if she could have a screaming out of control orgasm, even during her orgasms she barely moans out or moves around. I decided the best position was probably on her back with her legs restrained up and spread out. She is ticklish and I planned to use that to get her out of control going while stimulation kept her building to orgasms. I bought a Hitachi wand with a dildo attachment and planned on giving her plenty of oral also.
She hesitated some what at the bondage idea but told me if it was something I was wanting to try for some sexual fun then she would do it. We got started one weekend evening and she kept looking more and more surprised as I got her tied down the bed.
I started out by kissing and licking her all over and got her good and turned on then I slid the Hitachi up and slowly inserted it while licking and kissing her clit, low speed came on and she jumped a bit letting out an oh my God as it settled down onto her clit area with the extended ears. I began running my fingers around her ribs and arm pits and she began to really squirm and laugh calling out my name and calling me wicked, her feet came next and she was laughing so hard she could not talk. One of the sexiest things I saw but had not before was her anus squeezing, watching it pucker up was incredibly hot so I leaned down and began licking it. She reacted with some moans and let out a few more sounds, the vibrator was still doing a great job on her and I reached over and tickled one of her feet which had her moving all over the place. I started a slow in and out with the vibe and continued this for a few minutes listening to her building up to another orgasm. I sank the dildo into her and watched her clit wiggling from the vibrations, her mouth was opening up and her eyes were closed then her legs began shaking a bit. She had a tremendous orgasm with moaning and some gasping, her upper body was moving around and her legs also, I pulled out the dildo then got myself inside her and pumped away while massaging her clit with my fingers. I ran my other hand over her torso and around her nipples which were rock hard as she began to orgasm again, she was moaning out and almost grunting as her body tensed up then she began trying to spread her legs out further. When she settled down I kissed my way back down and slowly started licking her entire pussy flicking her clit around some, it was like a pulsate switch for her legs.
Her last orgasm was the best one, she was so out of control she squirted some pee as she came, her facial expression was like no other orgasm and her body just completely relaxed afterwards, I decided she was done and began untying her then we laid there in bed for a bit just hugging. She gave me several deep kisses and told me the experience was amazing and she definitely wanted it again some time.

26 days ago

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