Number of partners past

I never told my husband the real number of men I've been with, before meeting him. He mentioned one night that he's been with 30ish women before me. I mentioned that's about right for me, too. We started dating exclusively a couple of weeks after.

He doesn't know that the real number is in the hundreds. For a number of reasons, I'd go through periods of fucking around like crazy. Some days I'd chain dates, starting the morning at one man's room, then seeing 2-3 more guys until ending with the last one in the evening at my place.

We'll be going to childhood friend weddings and meet men who fucked me when younger, without my husband having a clue.

There's a reason why nothing he brings up is a surprise, I've already tried it with someone else. No, he's not the biggest or best fucker I've had, as I lied to him. But he's a perfect husband.

1 month ago

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    • The general rule is to multiple what a women tells you by 3x and to divide what a man tells you by 3x also!

    • My wife told me that she had well over 100 men. I have had much less, but i didn't admit it. After a week or so it began turning me on, and i got her to tell me about a group of her friends that she would get stoned with would all have sex with her, mostly as a group, and sometimes she would meet other guys from her neighborhood and just do it. I would get so turned on, when she told me that we began having much more sex. The idea of my wife getting screwed by guys is hot to me.

    • My husband keeps asking about past stories, but it gets annoying and not fun. I don't know why he gets turned on by it, but there's a reason why I haven't told him all about my past.

    • Hot! You sound really fun. Do you cheat too, or is it all in the past?

    • I haven't cheated on him. There are times though that I feel like I'm missing on certain things he can't give me.

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