I want to see how many men I can do

My husband and I are going to L.A. for the weekend and I want to see how many different men I can pick up on and sleep with while we are out of town. This is a game we always play. My husband takes me to a bar and we sit separately. He likes to watch from a distance to see how many men will flirt with me. I always let the men know that I'm married, I point my husband out to them before I bring them back to our room for sex. My record in a weekend is three different men I want to try and beat that this weekend and maybe even try two at the same time.

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  • You sound like the perfect wife. If I was your husband I would hope you give me the privilege of eating your pussy after you've been cummed in! Yes I said privilege any woman who will have sex with other men and let you clean her after is a keeper for life!!!

  • Sounds like an awesome game, I wonder if my wife will do this

  • Go to a black bar, my wife did and seven black men did her in a custom van in the parking lot. Drunker than hell, two at a time all bare back. I took her back several times.

  • Did you eat your wife's pussy for her? If she's giving you the privilege of letting you watch her have sex then that's the least you can do! Your a very lucky man!

  • That is amazing I would love for that to happen to me! All black men yummy!! Always bareback for sure!! Can't get enough

  • Great way to pick up a disease

  • There's lots of men that like to watch their wife, you just need to find one and do what ever he wants.

  • Darling do you like taking it up the arse ?

  • Knock off the darling shit you always so over do

  • Been a fantasy of mine also to see how many my wife can do in 24 hrs

  • I chicken out many years ago, a woman wanted to she how many guys she could take in 24 hours. One of my regrets that I never did

  • Hope you do it wish my wife would

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