I'm a cheater

Well I found this site just yesterday and I want to confess about my marriage and how I've cheated on my husband for the past 10+ years. I've got to watch as to how I word this confession for fear my husband could possibly know of is site himself. Anyway, we've been married for 20+ years and have a grown son not living at home. I started out fucking one of my co-workers and now I'm up to fucking five different guys that my husband knows very well. I'm 40 years old and all my lovers range in age from 40-60. My husband just can't give me enough sex at once a week. I want to be fucked at least 3-5 times a week with black and white dick. I'm very petite in stature at 5 feet tall, 110 lbs and small titties. I love taking a dick in any one of my three holes, even dp'd when possible. If any man was to come up and just start groping me, I'd let him inside my panties without any resistance to finger my pussy. The 60 year old gentlemen has even fingered me at times with my work attire clothes still on, meaning my very loose fitting, flemsey marerial pants. He'll grope me and finger my pussy from the outside of my pants. It gets my pants messy, but I love it when he fingers me like that. He's ev n fingered me at my work office several times. I hope to continue with these men for several more years and I'll just keep bringing my sloppy seconds pussy home to my unexpecting husband. Signed the happily cheating wife!

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  • You are sick. Happily cheating wife to unexpecting hubby??? Your husband and child will one day know even if it is at the end of their lives. One of your hoards of lovers could get sick, be dying, get saved, or any number of things and tell on you. I hope he finds out. He doesn't deserve this. If you are going to cheat, then get a divorce and let him use what is left of his short life with someone who really loves him and will be faithful. I'm your age and I would never want to continue to be mean enough to hurt someone I had married and had ever said I loved. Forget about wives, you give women a bad name. Get a divorce loser and quit hurting the father of your child. Your son would be so pleased by your happiness over this as well as your parent, your husband's parents, GOD, and everyone that knows you. Those that you know who are dead already know and how ashamed they must feel. Quit wasting your husbands life and tell him the truth.

  • Whoever wrote the above response, you must lead one boring life! Cheating is so much fun and mystical! Get a life!

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