Just like that

My parents went away for 14 days on vacation. My older sister was in charge of watching me. She was 17. I was out all day and my sister called me and told me to come back home. I went home and she said she would talk to me after I get out of the shower because I was fishing with my friends and I smelled like dirty fish. Well I came out of the shower and I put on a pair of sweat pants. I went downstairs and sat on the couch. A few minutes later my sister said she was going to go take a shower. I told her I would look for something cool to watch. She also said she wants me to roll a little joint for us to celebrate our first time alone for a whole 2 weeks. I immediately got on that task and just waited until she was done. She took long ass showers so I kinda snoozed off but as soon as she hopped on the couch I woke up and asked if she was ready to spark it up. We went outside and talked about how cool it was to have the house all to ourselves and we could do anything we dreamed of. She asked me if I could keep a secret if she told me something she wanted to do while we had the freedom. I thought she was going to suggest we have a big party but she was struggling to make herself understood. We just finished the joint and I was thirsty. I told her when she finally figured out how to say whatever it was I'd be on the couch with a big cup of Hawaiian punch. She walked away to her room and I did as I wanted. She came back to the couch and she had on her bathrobe. She asked me if I could promise if she asked me something to never say anything about it. I joked about it and asked if she was a serial killer or something and she laughed told me to just promise her that it's going to be our secret and no one else can know about it ever. I just said loudly... OK JUST ASK YOUR STUPID QUESTION ALREADY. She stood up and took her robe off. She had on a short t shirt and panties. She said flat out and I quote... " Mommy got me an IUD because she knew I wasn't a virgin. I saw that you like to cum on my dirty panties. She said instead of doing it on her underwear we can do it for real." She said flat out. "We have 2 weeks without anyone else in the house. Do you want to do it with me or not?" I looked at her and she said "take off your sweats and I'll get naked and we can start it right now" I said "OK" she immediately took her shirt and then her panties. She grabbed my waistband and pulled my pants off. She grabbed my dick and started to work on it... She got it hard and wet. She stood up and bent over kneeling on the couch she said she just wanted me to fuck her fast and push it in all the way when I am going to cum so she can feel it. I put it inside her and we started to do it in a few minutes later I told her I was going to cum and she begged me to push it in as much as I could. I came in her and she shook and had her first orgasm. just like that..... Its been 2 years now. Our parents go on vacation together 2 times a year for 2 weeks each time. We love to have the house to ourselves. Just like that... Crazy

11 months ago

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