Her past bothers me

I've been dating this girl for a couple of months and I just moved in with her. We're both 22 and she is only the second serious gf I've ever had. She's a yoga instructor at the gym and looks great. She was at work and I was at home streaming a movie on my computer, so I borrowed her laptop to work on a project for my work.

After finishing my work, curiosity got the best of me and I looked in her picture and video folders. There were tons of pics of her and her former bf and other people. No big deal. But there was also a video titled "kevinsparty" that really has me messed up.

In the video she is getting spit roasted by two guys doggy style on a couch. There were two other women in the room getting fucked, and about six guys in the room with hard cocks waiting for an opening. One of the guys I know is a coworker of hers, but I didn't recognize anyone else. The video must be from a couple of years ago, because my gf had really long hair then, but it is definitely her. After one dude blows his load in her, she just guided the next guy waiting right into her pussy like it was no big deal. The video ends before that dude finished.

I'm really in love with my gf but this is evidence that she's a slut. I'm not sure if I can handle that. I can't tell her that I was snooping through her files, but I did casually ask her if she had ever been in a threesome before. She said "No, never have and really have no interest in having one either." So on top of being a slut in her past, she is also a liar. The combo of these things are really creating trust issues on my end, and I'm not sure whether I should make a bigger deal of it or just let it go. It is really tormenting my mind.

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  • Just go with the flow, life is for living

  • We’ve all done things we weren’t proud of. Maybe she’s moved on and needs you to continue showing her love. She probably admitted what she felt was right at the time. I know about my wife’s past and as long as she’s moved on I’m totally fine with it. Have fun with her and grow with her if that’s what your heart feels

  • Do you know how many men would love to find a video like that of their girlfriend or wife? And the same goes as finding out she is a slut. Use it to your advantage and have some fun. She is into it already

  • I wish my wife would reveal more of her past to me as well. I really get off on hearing about her past sexual escapades.

  • Leave her right away. You're suffering from cloud9, not thinking straight. You need to leave her immediately, no questions asked, and not ask degenerate confession sites online if you should stay with a whore

  • Leave her past alone. She may have decided to move on and start something new with you.We’ve all went through something in our past we regret. Show her how to love or someone else will

  • Just enjoy her, Life is short. Remember that, it really is.

  • Take a deep and honest look at your own sexual past. Have you always been a babe in the woods or a choir boy ? Probably not, if you're being honest. Cut her some slack, this time, but if you ever smell fresh cock snot on her breath, cut her loose !

  • It could just be that she keeps the vid as a memento of a fun moment, but has moved on from doing those types of things. Maybe she has become more mature intellectually/spiritually. I would worry a tad about the lying bit. If you asked her whether she did group sex she should be straight with you about it and explain that moment in her life.

  • Her interest is not with you and another girl:) maybe she is in with another guy.
    I'm joking.
    Every one has a past that you should consider that as an exprience and not more.

  • Break up with her, but AFTER the gang bang you arrange.

  • She was in a fivesome not a threesome so she was not lying

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